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How to Overcome Free Fire's Broken Lags | Ram 2Gb, 3Gb and 4Gb

how to fix ff game lag
Fix FF Game Lag

The thing that is often a complaint among online game players when they are in a mabar is Lag or the state of the game is broken. Incidents like this are not something new among online game players, especially Free Fire.

There are various factors that cause it, whether it’s the signal, the state of the hardware, or the application on the user’s device.

Signals have become a common reason, although free fire games can be played smoothly on Android phones with low specs, it does not rule out the possibility of lag and fractures due to too little RAM or ROM when playing this game.

As we know, the Free Fire game can be accessed only with 2 GB of RAM, the higher the better, but it is possible, even high RAM specs will experience similar problems, namely Lag and broken.

Differences, Causes and Ways to Overcome Free Fire Lag Cracks on 2Gb, 3Gb and 4Gb RAM

The most common causes of lag and crashes usually come from the internal memory and network. To more easily find out the cause, here we will share based on the RAM specs on Android phones when playing FF games.

Broken and broken playing the game free fire

The cause of lag in 2GB RAM capacity usually comes from space on memory that is too full, this is related to 2GB RAM space which is very small or low to run several applications simultaneously. For example, your Android device and your friend’s both have the same specs, but your friend’s is running smoothly while yours lags and breaks when playing FF games. The general way to fix this is:

  1. Stop and delete some apps
  2. Run cache cleaner
  3. Setting the graph to low or very low, left-aligned
  4. Pay attention to the network used, for example what cellular network, Telkomsel, Indosat or wifi.

For FF games, 3Gb Ram is indeed enough to run this game smoothly, the cause of lag and crashes generally comes from outside, not from inside the game;

  1. Check network
  2. Pay attention to the game graphics settings, the best quality and smooth medium settings
  3. do android update

For FF games, this RAM is included in high spec, so the possibility of lag usually occurs under certain conditions:

  1. Slow connection
  2. Haven’t updated Android yet
  3. ROM fullness
  4. Many applications are running simultaneously behind the scenes.

How to Overcome Free Fire Broken Lags With Applications

For this last method, it is recommended for android phones with 3GB, 4GB RAM, etc. Best is to use Game Booster Application.

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