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How to Overcome Lag When Playing Games on ROBLOX

how to fix lag in roblox

Short sharing how to overcome lag on roblox

This one gaming platform may be familiar to some of us. There are various kinds of games that you can play there, every day new games appear that you can enjoy with your friends.

It seems endless when we talk about the Roblox video game platform, but behind it all, there is one complaint that is often faced by players, especially players from Indo, namely Lag.

This platform was flooded with players from Indonesia, as the series entitled Squid Game on Netflix was so popular, which featured several traditional games. At the same time, game developers at roblox also take advantage of this moment and then present various games on the Roblox digital platform.

Of the many players who came to play games on the platform, it turned out that not a few also complained about lag conditions when playing some games.

At first I thought maybe the cellphone signal was experiencing interference, but when I opened it via a PC using a wifi network, it turned out to be the same.

Because there are a lot of +62 players screaming “lag”, finally trying to find a way to fix this lag on youtube. Found it?, Yes, fortunately, there is a video that discusses a similar problem in Indonesian. What’s the channel name?, “Forgot”, just try to search on youtube “how to fix lag on roblox” If you really want to see the video version for this discussion.

How to Overcome Lag Playing Games on Roblox

The fix is ​​quite easy and very simple, you only need to use a VPN when logging in, be it via a smartphone or PC.

You don’t have to have a premium vpn

For the use of vpn on a smartphone or android device, my friend is free to use the free one.


1. Open Vpn, select a country, make sure the destination country server has a stable and strong signal.

2. Activate, after the VPN is active, then open the roblox application.

How, make it easy?, then my friend is free to choose the games on the platform, try to compare before and after using a VPN.

Other Lag Causes

Some of the causes of broken gameplay while playing, another possibility is that your smartphone specifications are very low, even though the appearance of the game on Roblox looks so simple, but who would have thought, to play these games, you must have high specifications for your Android smartphone, in order to get the experience of playing. such as graphics with HD quality, and so on.

So, those are some of the causes and ways to overcome lag on the Roblox video game platform, in the end, I hope this information helps, thank you.

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