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How to Play Roblox Games on Android Phones

how to register roblox on android
Play Roblox On Android

Although roblox is not a new platform, its existence is currently on the rise. Wrapped in very simple graphics, there are many choices of games that can be played.

The reason why Roblox is a gathering place for game lovers is probably quite clear, if we look at it from a graphic perspective, we don’t have to worry about the specifications of the device that is being used.

Even though it offers a myriad of easy access for fans, Roblox’s rules are very strict, don’t be toxic on this platform once in a while if you don’t want your account banned.

Roblox presents this strict rule not without reason, ranging from the large number of minors accessing this platform, to the diverse behavior of players, which may reduce sportsmanship while playing.

From the information above, maybe my friend is sure and can’t wait to immediately enjoy video games on the platform. So if that’s the case, here’s ;

How to Play Roblox Games on Android Phones

To log in and play video games on Roblox, the first thing you have to do is create a Roblox account. Here’s how:

2. After logging in, you will be shown a registration form in the form of a username, password, and others.

tutorial for roblox account
Registration Form

3. All form fields have been filled, then sign up, wait a few moments until you are asked for a captcha verification. And now the account is ready to use.

What is next ?

After the account is ready to use, now you need to login to the Roblox application on your smartphone. If it’s not installed, just download it via Playstore, make sure there’s enough storage memory to install the launcher from Roblox. Happy exploration.

Make it easy?, for those of you who are accessing this platform for the first time, you will feel confused “what game do you want to play”, because there are so many choices. If so, here are recommendations for popular games on Roblox:


This video game platform does offer a lot of features to choose from for game genres, there is no age limit for those of you who want to access and log into it, because of the ease of registering, the developer also applies very strict and merciless rules for players. unsportsmanlike.

So that’s how to play Roblox games on an Android phone, very easy isn’t it?, I hope this info is useful, thanks.

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