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How to Quickly Change and Crop Photos in 2x3, 3x4, and 4x6 Sizes on Android Phones

Now there is no need to bother changing or cutting the size of the photo as needed, with an android smartphone all sizes can be made with just a few easy steps.

Changing the photo size is usually done for several purposes, such as making passport photos, photo ID cards, diplomas, applying for jobs and so on. The most common and we often find are photos with sizes 2×3,3×4 and 4×6.

Even though there are now a lot of photo studio services that have provided complete posing services as well as adjusting the size to photo printing, but in an urgent situation and time is tight, several ways to change the size of this photo can be applied only with an Android cellphone in a fairly short time.

The first, we do crop without additional applications which means; no longer need to download or install apps to perform this activity, while the second; use additional applications for maximum results.

Resizing Photos Without an Application on an Android Phone

The first method is very easy and fast, there are several things that need to be done, namely:

how to cut a photo through the cellphone gallery
Resize photo in gallery

1. Go and Open Gallery

2. Determine the photo to be resized

3. Select Menu Edit

4. Select Crop

5. Adjust the size to your needs

Generally, Android phones now have a feature to crop photos to a certain size, if it’s not yet available, you can try the second method

Resizing Photos Using Picsart on Android Phones

This one application can be the next shortcut, the size of Picsart photo editing apps is quite friendly on various kinds of android phones, besides that, with this application, we can easily beautify the appearance of photos, or want to change the background color of photos, can use the Picsart application.

The process is quite fast and simple:

how to crop photo on picsart
resize photo on picsart

1. Open the Picsart app

2. Add photos by selecting the plus sign

3. Select the photo you want to crop

4. When the photo appears, select Tools menu

5. Look for the Crop feature

6. Choose the size you need

7. when finished, select the tick symbol in the upper right corner.

As a reference for the size of the photo you want to crop, what is the size in centimeters, millimeters and pixels:

photo crop size

After the above process is complete, the photo can be saved immediately, or before it can be beautified by adding some filters to make adjustments.

As an alternative, you can use an online photo resizing service.


Although every Android phone has a different location and symbol, in general, the crop feature is always in the edit menu. Likewise for other additional applications, this feature will always be on the Tools menu.

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