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How to Quickly Connect and ADD Metamask To BSC | PC and Android

add metamask to binance smart chain
Metamask connection to BSC

Metamask and Binance Smart Chain are digital wallets that are often used by Etherium crypto users to carry out various transactions on blockchain-based services and applications, such as Non-Fungible tokens for example and DeFI decentralized financial protocol.

Although both are digital wallets, the Metamask that we know has a more specific function, as a place to store Etherium digital currency. BSC itself has been equipped with its own standard token known as BEP20 which is very friendly to the permissionless platform for decentralized apps or DApps.

Similar to common crypto wallets, Metamask can also be linked to the BSC for the purpose of changing the type of blockchain network.

By adding or ADD Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain, it is easier for users to convert and transact other cryptocurrencies.

What is BSC and Metamask?

BSC or Binance Smart Chain is an upgraded version of Binance Chain, is an adjustment step to the high value of Etherium. with a complete environment and new scope for developing high-performance decentralized applications.built with the aim of achieving compatibility through features built into binance and cross chain to ensure its users get the best possible experience.

While Metamask was created with the specific purpose of being able to interact with the etherium blockchain through a decentralized application.

How to Add Metamask to Binance Smart Chain On PC & Android

  • Open Metamask
  • Go to Settings
  • Search and select network
  • Add Network
  • Fill in the form on New RPC Network with the following data:
  1. Network name: Smart Chain
  2. New RPC URLs:
  3. Chain ID: 56
  4. Currency Symbol: BNB
  5. Block Explore URLs:
  • Continue by selecting save


If there is an error that cannot save settings, please check the writing in the New RPC Url section, make sure it is in accordance with the above, but if it still can’t, the next option is to replace in that section by replacing the following URL:

Maybe you can try one by one until the add network form is successfully saved. When it’s finished, wait a moment then check your balance and address.

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