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How to quickly create a Metamask Account on Android | For Selling NFT ON OpenSea

how to register android metask
How to register and create a MetaMask account on Android

The sale and purchase of digital works is currently being discussed on various social media platforms, there is no more appropriate place than to visit several NTF market service providers to be able to carry out these activities.

However, before carrying out NFT transaction activities, digital products, of course, require supporting equipment so that all activities can run as they should.

If you want to start, you will be required to create a digital wallet or what is known as a Wallet. The name of the transaction will definitely occur an exchange process, in which a buyer will send a certain amount of money with a predetermined value. In digital art trading service providers such as OpenSea, the unit used is Etherherium, a digital currency exchange rate unit.

If you want to be a buyer or a seller, we are required to have a digital wallet to make the payment process easier, its function is like a wallet in general.

Metamask is a digital wallet that is recommended for Opensea activists, because apart from being widely used by NFT platform users, Metamask is also a requirement for the complete registration process at OpenSea.

Now how to create a Metamask account on an Android cellphone, here’s the complete way:

  • Download Metamask on google playstore
  • Install as usual
  • After the installation is complete, open the Metamask app.
  • “Welcome to MetaMask”, this is the initial post that potential users will find
  • Next select Preparation
  • Create a new Wallet
  • There will appear 3 requirements that must be completed such as: Create a password, Secure wallet, and Confirm Secret recovery phrase
  • Start creating a password
  • Secure wallet;
  • Enter the secret recovery phrase; write down the words in the column in order
  • When testing, we will be given an empty column, fill it with the phrase that we have previously noted
  • Done, metamask account is ready

At this point, your Metamask account is ready to be used for crypto transactions on various digital works buying and selling sites, you just need to link your Metamask wallet to the service provider.


What is next ?; please make adjustments by opening the settings on Metamask. In the Settings or settings menu, we can make settings such as currency conversion, language, contacts, manage accounts and costume RPC networks. Make adjustments as needed.

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