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How to Quickly Upload Photos in OpenSea Via Android Phone | Sell ​​NFT

The names of Ghozali and PAK have gone viral on every corner of the homepage on the internet because of their success in earning millions of dollars from selling digital products on one of the largest NFT platforms today, OpenSea.

Maybe most of you won’t believe that selfies and tweets sell for millions of dollars, but that’s actually what happened, when the popularity of the NFT market proved that licenses can cost more than the product itself.

Since the trending news regarding Ghozali Everyday, internet users have started flocking to large NFT markets such as OpenSea, Mintable and Rarible.

NFT is sold in various formats, be it in the form of videos, images, moving photos and others.

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To be able to create an NFT, the first thing to do is to prepare a product to be used as an NFT, for example a photo/vector image of your own creation.

The next process is to upload photos or images to be used as NFT and then sold on markets such as OpenSea.

NFT Upload Terms on OpenSea

Every crypto market, especially NFT, always prioritizes originality, that’s why it’s better to upload works that are free of claims by other parties, in other words, the works that will be uploaded are privately made by themselves.

How to Upload and Sell Photos or Images on OpenSea:

  • Open Browserthen go to the website or
  • Can be via Metamask by opening the Metamask application, select line 3 in the upper left corner, select a browser, it will automatically be directed to OpenSea (before making sure it is connected to OpenSea)
  • The display will appear as shown below; Just choose create to continue
Create a new NFT?, select Create
  • It’s time to upload photos in the section Create New Itemsmake adjustments such as filling name, description, external link, number of tokens, and blockchain type.

  • For the first time uploading, Collection is still empty, just go to properties; Fill in the Name and Type fields, for example Name : Character, Type : Cartoon.
set properties by selecting the plus (+) button, the level set consists of values ​​1-5, 5-5 is a perfect value for NFT quality assessment.

Notes : The levels and stats sections are used for overall collection category settings, similar to rating a photo album collection. This part is set after uploading some NFT.

  • After completing the steps above, continue, please select create, that way the NFT has been successfully uploaded, but its status is still not public, because the price has not been set.
  • Carry on set the selling price of NFTyou can see in the picture below, Price = NFT Price, Duration = NFT duration on the Market (can be renewed if it has not been sold).
duration can be adjusted, one week, 1 month or just a few days

  • Scroll down until there is a choice Sell appear ” Complete your Listing “choose” Sign to continue and finish.
  • Now NFT is ready and is in the OpenSea Market.


Because OpenSea is an international-based NFC market, it is recommended to fill in the name or title, description and properties fields using English, you can use google translate services.

If something has been missed, please understand, but in general; like this is how to upload photos in OpenSea from an android phone.

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