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How to Register and Create an OpenSea Account on an Android Phone

how to register opensea android
OpenSea Android

OpenSea is a website that provides services for buying and selling NTF digital works, now available in the form of an Android application, which can be downloaded via Google Playstore.

Recently, it has become a topic of discussion among netizens, because of the appearance of a man with a Ghozali Everydays account accompanied by thousands of selfie photos that are sold at high prices on the OpenSea market.

Unmitigated, one photo that has been used as an NFT is sold for millions of rupiah. Indeed, you did not hear wrongly that there are selfie photos worth millions of rupiah.

Is there a buyer?; Of course there is, the proof is that he has pocketed billions of rupiah from the sales of his NFT selfie from several years ago.

Seeing this phenomenon, online rupiah hunters flocked to want to do the same thing as Ghazali Everydays.

To have an OpenSea account, prospective users must first download the apps, followed by registration.

During the registration process, the user must already have a digital wallet in order to create an account, here are 3 options:

  • Register Using Metamask

By default OpenSea recommends several options, one of which is Metamask. This is a Blockchain based digital wallet.

  • Registration Using Trust Wallet

The second recommendation is Trust wallet, as the name suggests, Its function is also similar to wallets in general,

  • Entering Etherium Address

If you already have a wallet and the like, this process can be continued by copying and pasting the digital wallet url in this option.

Metamask accounts, trust wallets will later be used as a means to send, buy and swap Crypto, trust wallets are digital wallets where crypto is stored as a result of NFT transactions, while for Etherium addresses, prospective users are required to enter the Blockchain type.

Please select one of the 3 methods to continue creating an OpenSea account.

Preparation to Create an OpenSea Account

First, install the OpenSea application on the android phone, after the installation is complete, please enter the apps dashboard, then go to the profile.

Now, through this profile menu, candidates who use must complete several requirements that must be met to be able to have an OpenSea account.

How to Create a Metamask Account

This is actually not the way to go, just an overview of the process flow, because I’m sure all of you are used to creating profiles in many android applications, well, it’s more or less the same, it’s just that there are a few things that are slightly different.

  1. While in the OpenSea application in the profile section; Please select Metamask
  2. Wait a moment until it is directed to Google Playstore
  3. We will be asked to install Metamask, do the installation process
  4. Login and do Metamask registration as usual
  5. When ready, go back to the OpenSea profile Dashboard, connect Metamask with Opensea

How to Create a Trust Wallet Account

Likewise wallet accounts or digital wallets, on average all digital wallets have the same flow when registering.

  1. Almost the same as the previous process, install trust wallet on android phone
  2. do the registration as usual,
  3. Connect trust wallet to Opensea via profile menu
  4. Done

Connecting Digital Wallet

After creating a digital wallet or wallet, then returning to the OpenSea application, select one of the three registration methods in the profile menu to connect the wallet with the OpenSea application.

Now we have an account that is ready to be used in NFT buying and selling activities. Time to make your first NFT.

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