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How to Register and Read Comics on Kakaopage | Latest Easy

how to read comics on cocoapage
Cocoa webtoon registration page

There is no need to bother hunting for the latest comics, now there are various webtoon-based online platforms that make it easier for lovers and readers to access the latest comics every day.

One of the webtoons or cartoon webs that are currently popular is Kakaopage, founded in 2013 by the Kakao Corp. company. Kakaopage provides various genres of comics, ranging from romance, horror, fantasy and many more.

Kakaopage is one of the largest providers of digital content, in the form of visual works, written works, one of which is comics. Users of this service are not only limited to reading, but can also become contributors, publishing works through agreed permits on the Kakaopage platform.

But before that, prospective users have to do the registration stage first in order to access and join Kakaopage

How to Register Kakaopage From Android Phones and PCs

The registration process can be done via an Android device or PC, but actually there is no difference in the stages, the only difference is the appearance.

How to Register Kakaopage From Android Phone

Before registering, please download the application first on the Playstore, now here’s how to register

  1. Prepare the email that will be used or it can be via facebook
  2. Open the Kakaopage app
  3. Choose registration using email or facebook
  4. If prompted to enter an invitation code, please copy the following invitation code K2J6JVY
  5. Done, wait until the profile is created

How to Register Via PC Device

  1. Open the browser then type and go to the website
  2. After entering the official website, select Enter in the upper right corner
  3. don’t have an account, please choose a registration method, it can be via email or facebook
  4. enter invitation code K2J6JVY
  5. Done,

How to Read comics on Kakaopage

There are readings that can be accessed for free or free, but for some of them, such as popular readings that are visited by many users, they have to pay a fee in the form of a cast. Can be purchased using a special ticket.


To register on this platform is very easy, just use email or facebook, only a few steps prospective users can create a profile and access Kakaopage.

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