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How to Restore Deleted Videos on Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Samsung cellphones

how to restore accidentally deleted videos
Restore deleted files on android

Anger doesn’t only come from him who is fussy and his hobby is angry, even accidentally deleted videos can make blood boil, moreover the video is considered important, there is a historical moment who knows what it is.

Or the condition is that you have just finished editing a video on your cellphone, and as a result, because you are careless and so, the video file is deleted from the gallery.

It’s not a problem if the video contains footage of the scenery in front of your eyes, or maybe the editing process isn’t too complicated, but what happens, last month’s vacation documentation, maybe last year, it’s really hard.

Especially for Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Samsung cellphones, you don’t need to worry, the deleted video is actually still somewhere on the Android cellphone, it’s just that the file has been saved as an archive, but the good news is that it can still be restored as usual.


How to Restore Deleted Videos on Xiaomi Phones

  1. Open the ‘Mi Gallery’ application on the Xiaomi cellphone,
  2. then click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner
  3. then select ‘Settings’.
  4. Scroll down until you find ‘Trash bin’.
  5. Open the ‘Trash bin’
  6. There you can see the videos that have just been deleted.
  7. click the video file that you want to restore, then click ‘Restore’.

How to Recover Deleted Video Files On Samsung Smartphones

  1. Go to Samsung HP Gallery,
  2. Find and select the description “More”, usually this option is in the upper right corner
  3. After entering the More option, then click “settings” or “settings”
  4. Now find the “Recycle bin”, generally the function of the recycle bin is a temporary storage place for deleted files, and it can be restored
  5. Locate the video file and select Restore to restore the video file.
  6. Done

How to Restore Deleted Videos on Oppo Android Phones

  1. Almost the same as the previous way, go to the “photo gallery”
  2. In the albums section look for the “recently deleted” folder
  3. Select “edit” In the right corner,
  4. A collection of files that have been deleted from the Oppo android phone is there, search and find the video you want to recover
  5. Once the video is found, select it and restore it.

How to Restore Deleted Files/Documents/Videos on Vivo Cellphones

While this method requires assistance from 3rd party applications, for example what is often recommended is the DiskDigger Photo Recovery app and many others and can be found on the Google PlayStore.

Note: To use 3rd party applications, the phone must first be rooted.


So, those are some ways you can do when you want to restore deleted video files on xiaomi, vivo, oppo and Samsung android phones.

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