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How to Scan Barcode (QR Code) Maps Invitations | On Android Phone

how to use barcode maps on invitations
scan the qr on the invitation

The presence of google maps for free makes it easy for many android users when they want to travel to a location, one of the advantages of google maps is that it has the ability to track location accurately, although it is not very accurate, but it is enough as an illustration for users who are heading to the location the.

In addition to being very easy to use, it is proven that Google Maps has helped many Android users in various services, such as services between packages of goods, public transportation, invitations and so on.

The use of google maps in an invitation may be quite familiar to some people, usually the invitation card is always provided with a map of the location plan, but getting here with the familiarity of using google maps, people actually take the easy way, namely by using a barcode or QR code that is already available on the internet. Google Maps feature for location sharing.

Now regarding sharing using a barcode or QR code; Following

How to Scan Barcode (QR Code) Maps Invited

There are two ways, you can use additional applications or the default smartphone application, on average the latest smartphones are equipped with a QR code scanning feature.

How to Scan Invitation Maps Barcodes without an application

  1. Prepare the invite map QR code to be scanned
  2. Open the barcode scanning app, it’s usually in the “Tools” section
  3. Continue by doing a scan, pointing the camera right at the barcode
  4. The scan will be done automatically,
  5. if it has been scanned, wait until google maps opens automatically and shows the location according to what is on the barcode.
  6. Done.

How to Scan the Invitation Maps QR Code Using Additional Applications

Using additional applications because there is no barcode scanning software available on smartphones. First download on google playstore. There are many options, choose the application “QR & Barcode Scanner“, after the download is complete, wait for the install process. Here’s how to use it.

tutorial for scanning barcode maps on the invitation
QR & Barcode Scanner
  1. Open QR & Barcode Scanner
  2. Select scan to carry out the scanning process
  3. Once done, check history
  4. Select the result that was just scanned, it will automatically open google maps
  5. done.

Because there are many similar applications, but the way to use them is almost the same.


Almost all types of cellphones are equipped with QR Code scanning, the only difference being the place where these apps are stored. So that’s all for sharing in this post, I hope the steps above are easy to understand.

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