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How to Scan Barcodes from HP Gallery | Photo QR Code Android

The number of Android users from year to year is increasing in distribution, causing the presence of the latest Android-based innovations. Even household needs in various forms can be obtained only through the android application.

Shopping at the store feels even easier, we no longer need to bother asking the price of items one by one with the cashier, just use the features on the smartphone, we can find out the price of the product by scanning the barcode or QR code listed on the product.

This is just a small example of the use of QR codes in everyday life, in the past the barcode scanning method could only be found in big stores, because in the past this feature was only available on special machines whose prices could be quite high.

It’s getting here, everyone can easily get creative with barcodes, whether it’s just for creating unique messages, wifi passwords, location sharing and much more.

The scanning method is quite easy, it only takes a scanning feature from 1 android device and a barcode, the method is also simple, by pointing the android cellphone camera to the QR code, then the code is immediately scanned in the form of writing or images. How to scan a google map barcode on an invitation

Although it looks easy, there is one way to scan barcodes that is rarely used, namely scanning barcodes from the cellphone gallery itself, because on average QR code scanning is done through the camera, so this method is actually only a scan method for certain conditions.

How to ?

Here’s How to Scan Barcodes From HP Gallery

  1. Find and Open Barcode Scanner on Android Phoneusually located in the tool, if you can’t find it, you can install additional applications from the Playstore ” QR Code Scanner
  2. After opening the scanner, there are 3 ways to scan the QR Code, through the camera, document and gallery. (Image button beside it)
  3. Select Gallery scan method
  4. Look for the barcode photo to be scanned, adjust it by cutting in the QR Code section drawn.
  5. Done, just see the results.

Below is just an illustration of How to Scan a QR Code from the HP Gallery

Barcode scanner from phone gallery

The default scanner application is generally located in the tools/tools section, but if you don’t find it, or are confused about where to find the default scanner tool, you can go directly to the Playstore as described above.

how to scan barcode from gallery

When you open the scanner tools, the average initial display is as above, well this is already familiar, so just go to the green arrow, look for photos from the gallery, and look for the barcode you want to scan.


This method is usually used under certain conditions, for example, when we are taking a photo with a shopping place in the background, it happens that in the background of the photo there is an interesting product accompanied by a small barcode. Well, maybe you are interested in knowing how much it costs, the method above is very suitable for conditions like this.

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