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How to set up a blog to be easily accepted by Google Adsense

latest adsense blog tutorial
how to get a blog to be accepted by adsense

Disclaimer : The contents of this discussion are summarized from various sources that have helped me more or less while practicing in the blogging world, especially those related to Google Adsense blogs. Just sharing the point in the hope of giving more information, that’s all.

Why should blogs be in the settings?

New blogs usually need to make adjustments, the time it actually takes is not short, because you have to do several stages until the blog that is created can be online properly without errors, interruptions and so on.

A blog that can be online is not enough, what’s the essence of being online without visitors at all, what’s the difference with taking notes offline in notepad. Making adjustments here aims to give the impression of being neat and organized

Common Errors When Setting Blog

Errors arise because they usually don’t understand exactly what are the priorities when making adjustments, generally this often happens to beginner bloggers ” I really like this, but because it’s been guided by the elders, it’s developed a little, although not much, but it’s okay“.

Sometimes something excessive can also cause a lot of errors, even though basically the initial goal is right, for example when making adjustments to the appearance of the blog, this is related to templates, changing colors, adding widgets, and adding other codes to the blog so as to create an html template structure. so messy.

Instead of making the display more attractive, it makes the loading of the blog slower, at worst an error occurs in the data structure.

Default Settings For Blogs

Some of these sections are already available when you first start a blog on the blogger platform; such as profiles and navigation menus, everything is generated automatically, users only need to complete the description on the profile and add standard widgets that are already available.

Next is to register a blog with a webmaster, be it Google, Bing, and Yandex. This is the default setting when you first create and put your blog online.

Blog Standard Settings To Register For Adsense

After doing the standard settings on the blog, we only need to add an adsense widget if you want to register for Google Adsense. With standard settings like this, a blog may be accepted as a publisher, but the opportunity is arguably very small, unless the blog already has high visitor traffic.

Blog Settings for Easy Acceptance of Google Adsense

So far, there has been no confirmation from Google Adsense about what kind of blog settings they will definitely accept as publishers, but in general, it can be identified based on several patterns that have been made by most of those who have been accepted.

The standard setting is something that is mandatory, and it should not be missed, so that the opportunities are even greater, these advanced settings need to be applied, what are they;

  • Applying Responsive Templates

There are many advantages of responsive themes, they have good loading speeds on almost all devices. This theme is one of the best choices when you want to register for Google Adsense.

  • Tidying and Completing Blog Navigation

Blog navigation must be adjusted to the topic and niche that dominates the post, for example posts that are often made related to how to make something, then in the navigation section there should be a Tutorial menu.

  • Create Term And Condition Pages, Disclaimer, Contact, Privacy Police, About Me and Site Map

These pages contain information about the details of the blog and the TOS applied in the blog, the best position can be placed in the footer or in the Navigation section.

According to the masters, with this page, our blog looks more professional, has added value in the eyes of search engines and google adsense.

Building visitor trust is one of the benefits of having the page above.

  • Making a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, while HTTPS has the letter S stands for Secure. One way to increase security on your blog is to make a redirect from http to https.


The points above are included in the SEO factor, as we know there are various SEO factors that must be considered when managing a blog or website, and the points that have been written above are only a small part of the practice of Search Engine Optimization, but in general the law is mandatory. when you want to wrestle with Adsense advertising.

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