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How to Solve Applications Not Installed or Installed In Minecraft Pe

mcpe app not installed

Why can’t the application be installed?

There are several things that make android applications can’t be installed or fail during the installation process, and the most common is the memory capacity is full, usually caused by cache that accumulates over time without any memory cleaning action.

This also often happens to the Minecraft video game application, especially minecraft pe on an Android cellphone, a warning appears that says the application is not installed or not installed. What’s the cause?

1. Memory full

2. Applications are downloaded outside the Playstore

3. Files or data files overwritten

The three possibilities above could be one of the causes of Minecraft Pe on Android failing to install. For how to fix it:

Memory full

Maybe everyone already knows this, because usually the failed installation warning is accompanied by a report that your cellphone’s storage memory is full. Just go to memory cleaning, whether it’s using the default application or another application that was previously installed on your cellphone.

Or you can also use the manual method, go to settings, apps/applications, continue to look for applications that are considered to be draining a lot of memory, after being able to clean the cache.

Applications Downloaded Outside Playstore

Before the process of installing minecraft a warning will appear that we will install applications from unknown sources.

Now if you force it, a warning will occur that the application is not installed, for that first set permission to use applications from third parties by opening the app Settings/ Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > Special app Access > install unknown apps. Next, install minecraft pe as usual.

Overwritten data files

And lastly, your minecraft data is overlapped with one another, this happens most often, especially those who frequently update minecraft from official to beta, and update back to official.

Minecraft storage updates to version 1.18 and above create file conflicts, this happens often, and I’ve personally experienced it.

It’s easy, first of all, first move your world file, the file is in folder android > data > com.mojang.minecraftpe.

After the world data is moved or secured, just delete the com.mojang.minecraftpe folder, then reinstall as usual.

If the com.mojang.minecraftpe folder is empty, go back to the beginning when you weren’t saving, look for games folder > com.mojangjust delete this folder, proceed to the latest minecraft installation process.


If you have doubts or have not been able to identify the problem, in the sense that you don’t know what the problem is, please try the three methods.

If all three methods still fail, try to find all minecraft files, delete them without exception.

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