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How to Solve "Redirect Error" Report In Google Console |Web Master Tool

google console redirect error
Redirect Error

Let’s talk about it casually, okay, don’t worry too much about it, “I’m so dizzy, I can’t get it earlier”, oh okay, I’m sorry about that, if that’s the case, I’ll just go straight down.

Maybe a friend who came here wants to know what really happened, why is there a report in the coverage menu that reads “Diverting error”, if that’s the case, it means we’ve had the same fate, and have been a little confused about it. So, that’s the reason why this post was written, because it’s based on personal experience, and the results of sharing neighbor groups discussing about the Google Console, for more details, see the screenshot below.

Redirect error in scope menu
Ss from google support

Continue yes, if you say it’s a case study, maybe not, to be more precise. This is just a small note because there is a “Redirection Error” report in the Google console coverage menu. On this blog itself, a similar incident occurred not long before this article was written, to be precise on July 26, 2022, when the first article experienced this problem.

Report appears in the coverage menu

At first I didn’t really care, because I thought maybe there was a crawl error like what I had previously experienced, but after a few days later I checked back with the webmaster, how come this doesn’t seem to go away, there’s actually increased to 10, the next day it increased , so a total of 15 articles were reported for “redirection errors”.

I was really confused, I’ve never found anything like this in a webmaster report. I feel lazy to grope, I’m afraid that another error will appear, because I know sometimes something new like this can be said to be sensitive, in the sense that it is necessary to consult the forum first, ask other masters, who knows who has dealt with similar problems.

Try asking in the forum

After going browsing in the hope of getting the answer from the mastah’s articles, some of them even found a question with the same topic on google support. Wow, this green light, that’s the first thought, but after seeing the many complaints, and they said they are still being investigated, I just realized that this problem doesn’t just happen to my own article, there are many complaints from other friends, especially those who use the blogger platform. How about WordPress and other platforms? Well, I don’t really know, since all the complaints come from the blogger platform.

How come?, well I don’t know that either, someone said a warning appears that the url and article can’t be indexed, but after being tested on the robot.txt test all the urls are fine, how come it’s contradicting the report?, that’s still the case debate, because we don’t know where the real root cause of the “switching error” is.

4 Days After “Redirect Error” Report

For about 4 days at certain times I tried to visit the google console, hoping for an automatic fix from google. But it’s not just visits, there are a few things that I messed around with regarding the reported url, as a result, on the 5th day after checking again and it turned out that there was a reduction in the url which previously had a “redirection error” warning, although it only decreased to 14, but it seems the value doesn’t decrease like that, there must be certain factors that I have made on the google console for those 4 days.

Fixed redirect error
Error in coverage menu

Although I don’t know for sure exactly, but some of these activities must have one of them that makes the value decrease, because during those 4 days, I routinely did this pattern:

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1. Creating Internal Links

This is indeed routinely done, although not every week, but usually once a month often install internal links in new posts, so coincidentally on the second day after receiving the “redirection error” report, for 2 consecutive days activities on the blog besides writing posts, yes that is just installed the internal link.

2. Sitemap Update

And don’t miss the sitemap update, in the sense of re-entering the sitemap in the google webmaster tool. This isn’t every month, the initial goal is just to try to fix the “Redirect Error” problem, it’s worth trying. But so far it’s still gray whether this can actually fix things, which is definitely still a question mark.

3. Check Url and Re-inspection

I don’t dare say 100% that this happened because of the post crawl problem, because obviously there hasn’t been a definite answer from the search engines, plus I haven’t given the green light yet, just a friend who understands what SS means below, but in my own opinion 70% its strong lead to one of the crawling problems. All the urls declared “redirect error” then i retest through the scope menu, go to the url that is problematic, go ahead check and test the url is active.

4. Give backlinks from outside

For this one I don’t dare to guarantee, whether it really has an effect or not, because so far there may still be indications of giving backlinks from outside.

Of the four factors above, I personally think there are 2 possible reductions in the “redirect error” problem, the first coming from updating the sitemap and re-inspecting the url. Why most likely come in these two factors?;

The first, a month earlier there was an update from the search engine, this possibility appears because of the effect of the update process. It can’t be denied either, a month after that, there were many similar complaints, whether this would continue or not, the impact of which was clearly felt by many users of the blogger platform.

If any of your friends are using other platforms but are having similar problems, it’s okay, we’ll just discuss it below, in the group the experts are also discussing it, because that’s why they said they had never received a “redirection error” report, especially since I was just yesterday Evening blogging, the 4 points above are the result of trying, although there is a possibility of success, will update again here.


Algorithm changes can sometimes have an impact on certain processes on a website or blog, but this can be a form of adjustment, it’s only natural, right, the name is also adaptation, it’s said not to be serious, not really, because according to the report, our posts might not be indexed at all, that means it can’t appear in the search, panic?, yes, that’s for sure, moreover there has been no confirmation of what the real cause is.

I myself have seen a reduction in “redirection errors” after doing some of the methods above, luckily I still remember everything that was made for 4 days, so it’s easy to identify in general terms. Although not more specific, at least you already have an idea, then please try one by one.

Maybe that’s all that can be described in this post, if there is something wrong, please forgive me, if anyone can enlighten me, it’s even better regarding “Redirect Error” on the google console.

Also invite the masters and elders so that they can share their blogging experiences here, in the end, I hope it is useful and thank you for visiting.

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