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HP RESET TUTORIAL: Easy Ways to Research All Android Smartphone Brands | Latest

How to reset the cellphone
Easy tutorials for beginners and laymen

Are you one of the many users who want to reset your android phone?, if so, then you are in the right place, we have experienced the same fate, because some time ago, maybe about 1 week before this article was written, The problem afflicts most of the systems on the smartphone that I use, I’ve been fiddling with settings here and there, but there’s no change at all, instead of intending to fix it, instead what happened was the opposite, unfortunately I fell down the stairs.

Since the smartphone that is used there is a lot of important data, even though you have thought of taking shortcuts, dilemmas still arise, there are feelings of anxiety, fear and so on. It sounds silly, the reason is quite logical, moving a lot of data at once is not easy, it doesn’t take a long time, especially since all this data is blended into one like cake dough, I’m sure you guys have seen your mother or sister when you mix the ingredients together. In the mix, it is no longer possible to sort out which data is important and which data is garbage.

Backup All Data

Even so, the reset option is unanimous, now to secure data, there is no other way but to back up everything. What I thought at that time was to find a safe way, this process took a long time, approximately 1-2 hours for my android phone. If you feel you have nothing to worry about, then you can skip this process.

Is resetting a cellphone dangerous?

Broadly speaking, what is called a reset always has good and bad effects, but so far, if it is done correctly according to the procedure, then we can easily avoid unwanted things, such as losing data such as contacts and others.

advantages and disadvantages of resetting hp

If you look at the benefits, of course there are many and the most noticeable is the change in performance from the previous one, which may be slower when opening or playing certain applications. As for the downside, maybe this is relative, if you don’t follow the proper procedures, the consequences could be the loss of important data. But basically this feature was made by the developer clearly to make it easier for users when a problem occurs and is required to take a shortcut, a short option can use the reset feature.

Tutorial Reset all Android Smartphone

What you need to do is choose one of the topics according to your needs, there will be explained in more depth several ways starting from: Reset Normal, Hard and Forgot Pin. The steps are made short, clear and concise, so that they are easy to understand even for beginners and laymen.

how to research hp
Important to note!! important

1. xiaomi

Tutorials How to Reset XIAOMI Hp made for those who use xiaomi devices, starting from Note 10 pro, 8, poco M3 ( x3 pro, F3), redmi k40, Mi 11x and pro, poco M2 and reloaded, Mix Fold, 11 (ultra, pro, lite 5G ), blackshark 4 and pro, 10s, 10 PRO , 10 5G. If your smartphone brand list is not listed here, it’s not a big problem, because this method is commonly used for all versions.

2. Samsung

How to Reset a Samsung cellphone Can be used for almost all versions, especially the Galaxy series, for example A22 G5 (LTE), S20 FE (5G Snapdragon), M62, A32 5G, M12, A72, A52, A32, M02, A02, S21 (5G, Plus 5G , Ultra 5G, A02s,A12,M51,S20 FE,Z Fold 5G, Note 20 ultra.

3. Oppo

One of the popular brands, known for its high quality front camera, how to reset this Oppo cellphone can be applied to almost all Oppo devices such as: A16, Reno6 4G, A74 (5G), A54, Find X3 Pro, Reno 5 (F, 5G) ), A15s, A11K,A53, Reno4 (Pro,F),A92,A52,A12, A33 and others.

4. Vivo

Indonesia is a market for many smartphone manufacturers out there, this brand from China is also quite well known to the wider community through their flagship versions including: Y53s 4G, V21 (5G), Y12s, Y51A, X60 (Pro), Y20, Y20s G, V20, Y1s, Y51, Y20s, Y12s, V20 (SE), Y20, X50 (Pro), and Y30i.

5. Realme

And don’t miss it, one of the mid-range champions, I personally have helped research friends on this brand of HP more or less twice, it’s not difficult, as long as you followed the correct procedure. Buddy can use this method to research some of the latest and previous versions, including: C25s, C21 (Y), 8 (5G, Pro) C20, C25, Narzo 30A, C15 Holiday Edition, Narzo 20 and pro, C17, 7(i, pro), X50 5G Pro, C12, C15, C11 and many other versions.

How to recover lost data

Of the many problems that often occur on Android, this part in my opinion is the most difficult, as we know when a factory reset takes place, it will restore the appearance and initial settings of your Android smartphone as when buying a new cellphone. It’s empty, there are no files or documents from outside, all of the contents are purely factory defaults.

Incidents like this may rarely happen, but if it’s already done, what can you do, like it or not, you have to return it. Don’t worry, even if the data is declared deleted and lost, there is still hope for us to recover it, like losing a pet that has just escaped from the cage, even though the nose is not visible, but we can use the traces to track where it is, then bring it back to the cage. . In this situation, you only need to prepare a PC device, a USB cable, and additional software Gihosoft Android Data Recovery Freeware or the like.


If you still don’t understand and you have something to ask about the topic of the Tutorial to Reset Android Hp, please comment below or chat directly via social media on your profile, you can just help, share it together, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.

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