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Ironman & Nano Technology | Tony Stark's Armor in Infinity War

Previously, several Marvel heroes have also been discussed, so this time I want to discuss Ironman, who is one of the favorite superheroes of many people.

If you look at the interesting things about Ironman, one of them is in the sophistication and ability of the armor he wears every time he goes into action.

This armor is able to change the personality of Tony Stark who is an ordinary human being into a formidable superhero.

When he became an ironman, all of his sensory abilities seemed to have doubled, in the first film he was able to avoid being shot by tank bullets, defeating fighter jets, wow, he really looks super.

But actually the mention of ironman doesn’t seem right for the armor he’s wearing, because this armor is made of a mixture of Titanium and gold, which is of course lighter and stronger than iron, the weakness of this armor is that when using iron, iron other than heavy is certainly very easy. rust and the color fades quickly.

If we pay attention, ironman armor in each series always changes to a more portable direction.

Mark 1

In the first Ironman on his run, Tony Stark had to assemble and connect the parts manually using his bare hands.

After successfully escaping and returning home, Tony made a new armor, even though the armor was equipped with advanced technology, but still, before taking action he had to return to the lab at his house to turn into an ironman. It’s really cool, especially since all the parts are installed using an automatic machine, but this is really complicated.

Ironman suit up
Ironman Suit Up

Therefore, in Tony Stark’s second ironman, he made it more portable, easy to install, and also easy to carry everywhere by packing it into a suitcase.

Ironman Suitcase
Ironman 2 Suit

And in the 3rd ironman Tony makes it even easier, he doesn’t need to go home or carry a suitcase, but just call the parts from afar. However, if you pay attention to Tony, he had a problem, because each part did not come at the same time.

Ironman 3
Ironman 3 Suit up

Then in the Avengers Infinity War movie, Tony just tapped the reactor in his chest and then turned into Ironman.

In the changes in Avenger Infinity War, it is not shown how Tony Stark made his advanced armor, but it is very likely that he got this technology from the Black Phantom in Wakanda. Because we know for ourselves, the technology in Wakanda is very much more advanced, and Black Phantom itself has turned almost similar to Ironman.

ironman nano technology
Ironman Infinity War Suit Up

This is revealed in the book The Wakanda File, the use of nano technology on armor with the Mark L code was obtained from the exchange of information between Tony Stark’s company and Wakanda, so Tony had direct access to Nano Technology.

Now this change in ironman armor can illustrate how technology changes in real life. That consciously or not, technology continues to shrink and continues to change in a direction that is increasingly portable.

first computer

This is a picture of Eniac, a computer built during the second world war, the size of one room, the operation is really very complicated.

Until the 80s, there were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who became the initiators of the first personal computer or what is commonly referred to as a PC, its size became much smaller, so it could be placed on a table.

Then comes a laptop that can be carried anywhere using a backpack or suitcase with components that have been fused into 1 part.

Nowadays computers can be put in a pants pocket in the form of a smartphone, we can use it with just one hand grip.

This can happen because the transistor as the main electronic component has undergone a change in size, which was originally a tube replaced by a smaller component and continued to shrink until the discovery of semi-conductor technology that can change the transistor to be smaller than a strand of human hair.

So that the chip on our smartphone which is maybe only the size of a thumb can store billions of transistors, so there is no need to bother anymore when moving house, which previously could have taken weeks to move transistors one by one, now it’s just in your trouser pocket.

moore's law
Transistor Size Change

Changes in transistor size that are getting smaller have been predicted by Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel in 1965, this prediction is known as Moore’s law, that every year the transistor gets smaller 2 times and this prediction is proven.

In 2022 the size of the transistor has touched 5 nanometers, and continues to shrink to almost the size of human DNA, which is 2 nanometers like the A14 chip produced by the Apple company.

Iphone processor
Chip A14

With this size, we are able to fill about 11.8 billion transistors on the A14 chip. This is one form of what is called Nano Technology.

To be able to see the existence of this transistor, it is impossible for us to see it with the naked eye, because it has entered the atomic size, for which we have to use a tool known as the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) or electron microscope.

On this scale there are so many oddities that scientists call it the “Quantum Effect”. Each known material will have different properties when it enters the molecular scale.

If you look at Tony Stark’s transformation into Ironman in Avenger Infinity War, there is a kind of liquid that comes out of Tony Stark’s chest, this fluid continues to move all parts of his body, then turns into Ironman armor. Tony calls it Nano Particles.

Nanoparticles is a term in Nanotechnology for materials that have been broken down in nanometer sizes between 1-100 nanometers, because at this size a material has unique and different properties.

And one of its unique characteristics is Self-Assembly; the nature of nanoparticles that are able to organize themselves in a certain shape, because each particle in the material has its own motion known as “Brownian Motion”.

This is what makes scientists believe by controlling this movement, they are able to create a nano robot known as “Nanobot”.

Nanobot is a collection of molecules specially designed to have a certain motion. This nanobot will move when given external influence.

In fact; Among scientists there is such a thing as a Nanocar race. This race consists of groups of scientists representing their countries, each group designs its own nanocar, then it is raced on a track that is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and the race is official.

nano car race
Nano Cara Race

How do you want to watch live, the audience must be confused, because the track can’t be seen, let alone the Nanocar in it. To detect this race the researchers used a tool called the Scanning Tunneling Microscope.

So at this point, Tony’s change to Ironman in Avengers Infinity War makes more sense, right.

Actually, this technology is not only installed in Ironman and Blackphanter costumes, but we can also see it in the latest Spiderman No Way Home costume.

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