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Kerbal Space Program 2: The Coolest Space Game | Specs And Gameplay Info

ksp 2
KSP 2 short review

Kerbal space program 2 is a continuation of the series of the same title. This space exploration-themed game was developed by Star Squad, this developer was responsible for the release of the previous series. The positive response received from the first series made this game get a pretty good place among lovers of games with the theme of outer space.

Having many fans spread all over the world, the sequel to KSP 2 is like a pretty ambitious project for Star Squad. Even though it is based on an indie game, the high-resolution graphic display makes KSP able to attract a large number of fans.

The appearance of outer space is similar to the original, the size and distance of celestial objects such as the sun, planets and satellites and other small objects are adjusted to the actual scale. You don’t just act as a crew member on a spaceship, there are many roles to take, from designing the spacecraft section, planning a launch, determining the destination of space objects, and recruiting astronauts, all of which are done by players.

You can play it all on the PC platform, Playtation 4 and 5, and both Xbox series.

ksp pc games
Specs kerbal 2 system requirements

KSP 2 game minimum specs:

operating system: windows 7 64 bit

Processor: Intel core i3 3.3 GHz / AMD Phenom

Graphics : AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GetForce GTX


Free Space: 40 GB

Graphics Card : DirectX 11

Kerbal space program is like a space simulation game, players are brought to carry out missions from scratch, build spacecraft, make fuel calculations, astronaut training to the launch and colonization process of space objects such as planets and asteroids.

KSP 2 is indeed not much different from the previous series, still takes the same background, the difference is that there are additional objects and exploration limits, the game space will be further expanded, which of course will be more exciting. Buddy seems to be taken to explore further into various objects of the solar system by riding a spacecraft.

The developer’s attention to the KSP series makes this game look always new even though the first Kerbal Space program has been released for years, various updates have been made, bug fixes on a regular basis have not escaped their attention.

KSP 2 is no exception, Take Two and Star Theory have been mandated as the parties responsible for its release. will be an unforgettable history after 7 years ago when the Kerbal game first appeared in public, and 5 years after releasing the full version.

Indonesian ksp 2 game review
Play KSP 2 on PC, Xbox and Playstation 5

Kerbal space program 2 has become a new generation, presenting a more realistic game than ever before, players have more freedom to access the latest spacecraft and space shuttles, go to places further beyond the planets in the solar system, carry out an experiment by building a small colony at the place where the spacecraft landing took place.

Star Squad as a developer previously based in Mexico is one of the developers who are involved in the world of space-themed games, the critically acclaimed Kerbal space program has attracted the attention of astronomy lovers.

One of the most prolific Kerbal Modders is Chris Anderley Nertea serving as a video game engineer at Canadian aerospace company MDA, has so far succeeded in developing a ground-based control system that can be used for the purposes of retrieving data from spacecraft in the game. In that storefront, some initial repairs have been made to the planet Jool.

Craig Williams as the main writing team created a design for a spherical tokamak fusion machine.

Minimum spec for kernel space program 2

Although there were many obstacles when producing KSP 2, but the spirit of Take-two did not just go down, the hard work to finish this game was evident when they planned to then complete the construction of a new studio as a place to continue the ambitious project Kerbal 2.

Star Theory also took part to replace the squad design from the first game. The success obtained from the previous series led to the acquisition of the Kerbal Space Program which took place in 2022, and the license was granted to one of the giant game development companies, Take Two Interactive.

The quality and storyline of the game is very good, plus the presentation of god-level graphics, making KSP 2 a must to enter the list of games that you must play.

When else can you enjoy the view of outer space like the original, if not in Kerbal space program 2. In my opinion, this is the top space adventure and simulation game in this decade.

If you are a fan of the KSP series, I hope this information can help, and let’s go straight to the scene.

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