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Keyword Research Using Free Tools | Premium results

how to do keyword research for blog articles
Savory cpc keyword research

About 2 months ago idly open youtube, then searched with the keyword ” free way of keyword research using free tools “, scrolling down, uh, instead of getting a video with no viewers, but the thumbnail is quite interesting, I forget what the name of the channel is, the number of subs I remember is around 700 subs.

It’s a shame, actually, the material is all “meat”, but there are only dozens of viewers. So in this post, I try to write the results of the practice that I have done based on the theory in the video.

Disclaimer first:

Just a simple summary of the evidence, as a personal note, this is for learning material.


At first I didn’t believe that the tools used were free, this is not a wordpress plugin, not even the keyword volume and cpc that can be displayed, the competition percentage is also displayed.

Here I don’t create a new blog for practice, just write 2 posts whose keywords are captured using free tools (later will give you the tools), then post them on the next blog (a special blog for practicing new things, like case studies).

blogspot keyword research tools
Cpc indo that much, tasty!

It’s okay to catch keywords, even though it takes a while to get good keywords like this, go back and forth to determine difficult keywords, after that long tail keywords, so you can get potential with easy competition, main kw and derivative kw.

how to find keywords using free tools
Serp competition 38%, just brush 48% bro

That which is given a green arrow is the level of competition in the Serp, that number can be categorized easily, it still has the potential to rank for posts that are written later. If the percentage is above 50%, it’s already in the medium to difficult category.

The volume is crispy, touching the number 18k searches per month, plus the CPC is very tasty if for Indonesian blogs it is above Rp. 14,000.

What’s that keyword?

If you say no, it’s like NO, it will take you more than 2 hours, bro, I’m sorry :D, then you can do as much keyword research as you like using this tool.

Create Posts With Keyword Capture Results

Because here I also don’t want to waste my tasty and crunchy catch, the first post, the density is around 4% and the second post has a keyword density of about 3%, my position in almost all paragraphs is a bit pushy, really, just what to do again, right :D, the number of words for each post is in the range of 1000-1200.

Incidentally, the discussion regarding the keywords is still quite understandable, it is complemented by references from outside, it doesn’t take long, about 3 days, thank God it’s ready to be posted.

OnPage Optimization

Still the same as usual, not much different from OnPage optimization in general, including; kw in the title, description, install internal links, make permalinks using kw research results, make posts of 1000 words, kw density can still be said to be standard.

OffPage Optimization

I thought about giving PBN backlinks, I already contacted the person, just thinking again “it’s better to use free backlinks, after all, the topic is also discussing free ones :D. Yes, but that’s not really the case, there are other reasons, initially because there were still feelings of doubt about accuracy the tools,

Understandably because this is the first time using free tools with the offer of plus-plus features, unlimited use. Usually, free research on kw tools can only peek at the kw, without volume, cpc and competition. Most stuck at most can be used a few times the rest have to pay.

Modest OffPage Optimization; share to social media, forums, and directories. That’s all, simple, less than 1 hour :D.

2 months later

I wanted to publish this post last week, but since the results aren’t clear yet, it’s possible that the ranking in the SERPs is a bit tight, so it can only be published a week later.

The result is arguably unsatisfactory, 1 rich post is still on its way to page 1,

But so far it’s not a problem, last monitored, still on page 3, the traffic is probably from the internal link of the 2nd post, hopefully next week or next month it’s already perched on page 1, with its twin.

Keyword Research Tools

Finally arrived, there must be someone who can’t wait to know what tools have been used. For this proof I just use:

  • Google Trends
  • Chrome
  • Chrome Extension : SeoQuake ( Serp Competition)
  • Chrome Extension :WhatsMySerp ( Keyword , volume and cpc)
  • Ubersuggest (As Comparison)

5 in 1 Free :D. For research on google, the trend is only looking for difficult keywords, which has increased sharply in the last few months, then enter it into Chrome search, now the results are in 2 extensions, if the competition is still high; search again and keep looking until you get the keyword you are passionate about (super ez competition, high volume, crispy cpc), then compare the results using Ubersuggest (only 3 times per day, bro), done.

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