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Lightroom Blue Aqua Formula | Cool Presets for Mantai

lightroom blue aqua formula
photo editing android lr

The beach atmosphere is second to none, we can do many things while in this place, feel the wind without stopping hitting our faces and making strands of hair sway. It’s like when you’re doing a relaxing massage, stepping on the fine sand, the waves wake you up as if a crowd of onlookers are giving support.

It’s a precious moment that you can’t forget. Moreover, this is accompanied by posing cheerfully and hoping that one day you can make a beautiful memory, that’s one way to capture it.

In order to make the atmosphere like a precious painting, maybe you can try applying the Lightroom Blue Aqua formula, especially to the view of the sea water and blue sky which is the background for your photos.

It’s not much different from the Lightroom aquamarine formula that was previously discussed, but we know that the lightroom blue aqua formula seems to focus more on creating a blue aqua effect that is more contrasting when compared to Aquamarine, which emphasizes a greenish aqua background as a whole.

Some of my friends must be confused, what is actually discussed above, but don’t worry, the process is easy, everyone can easily apply the lightroom aqua blue formula with the values ​​listed below, then you just need to adjust the Lightroom application that it’s on my friend’s android phone.

Let’s just go to; Lightroom Blue Aqua formula:


If you feel that the height of the number is 0.50, you can lower it to a range of 0.00 – 0.30. Because in general the lighting conditions on the beach are good. For Highlight itself, the value range is 15-30, depending on how the atmosphere you want to display, for example, is hot in the sun, a bit cloudy, or maybe before dusk, it’s free.

Lighting : 0.50

contrast : 6

Highlights :27

Shadow : 17

White Hue : -44

Black : 5


The temperature must be minus, specifically for the photo above, the blue effect is right at -20. As for the vibrance, the advice is not to touch the numbers 15, 12, they’re too thick, I guess.

Temp :-29

Pattern :-27

Vibrance :12

Saturation 20


Red : 6, -3, 2

Orange : 2, -33 , 19

Yellow : -9, 10, 39

Green : 0, 0, 0

Aqua : 37, 5, 2

Blue : -28, 16, -22

Purple : -1, -5, -2

Pink : -12, -2, 6


Texture : -17

Clarity: 24

Fog Effect : 2

Vinette : -4

midpoint: 50

Feather : 50


Sharpen : 10

Radius : 1.00

Details : 25

Noise Reduction :7

Color Noise Reduction : 18

Smoothness: 56

In my personal opinion, this Lightroom blue aqua formula is pretty good, although it doesn’t seem to blend well with the main object’s color plus the beach sand, but in general it’s still okay. If given a rating of 1-10, 7 would be roughly.

Good or not, suitable or not, it depends on the object in it, in my opinion. the more objects in the photo, the more solid the color play. If you feel that there are wrong words, sentences, and words, please forgive me. The purpose of this is just to share for those of you who need how to edit the Lightroom blue aqua formula, for the rest, thank you very much.

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