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Making Interesting Related Posts on Blogs | Automatic and Manual

how to make a reading box is also interesting
The reading box is also interesting

How to make interesting related posts on manual and automatic blogs, this is actually an outdated draft that has been around for a long time on the blog, it used to be open to edit new blogs, but instead of being idle, it’s better to publish it, edit it a little so it’s worth reading.

Related posts are nothing new, commonly known as the “read box too”. The function of this feature in general is where other posts on the blog are recommended. To make it look neater and more organized, a related post is made.

In addition to making the appearance of the blog more aesthetic, the reading box can also increase the SEO value in the eyes of search engines as has been conveyed by the elders.

Related posts are usually filled with post links that discuss topics similar to the ones we read. The application itself is generally placed in the middle of the article, but actually it is free to be placed anywhere, but the most recommended position is in the article section, whether it’s the top, bottom, or middle.

Applied to that section with the aim of making it easy for blog visitors to read.

Here’s how to Automatically Create Related Posts on Blogs

  • Log in first to the blogger dashboard, then
  • Select Theme, go to edit HTML
  • Copy the following script to the section before

  • Next, find the following html code: , replace with the script below:

  • Finally, after placing the script above, the next step is to search and find the code ]] copy the CSS code at the bottom, paste it just above ]]

position:relative;background:#fff;padding:0;margin:10px 15px 0 0;float:left;width:165px;border:1px solid #1b71bc}post-related h4{background:#1b71bc !important;padding:5px 0 !important;margin:0;text-align:center !important;font-size:15px !important;font-weight:400;text-transform:uppercase;color:#fff !important}post-related ul {margin: 0;padding:0}post-related ul li {list-style:none !important;padding:7px 0;margin:0 7px;border-bottom:2px dotted #ddd;line-height:1.4em !important;text- align:left !important}post-related ul li:last-child{border:none !important}post-related a {color:#1b71bc;font-size:13px !important}post-related a:hover {text-decoration :underline}

How to Manually Create Realted Posts on Blogs

There is a manual option if you want to make variations according to taste, copy the script and place it above ]] below: For the record: this is for the format of 3 post title links at once, if you only need 1, just delete the other 2 tags. Can be edited such as changing the color of the box, text, type of writing.

.related-style1 {background-color:#f6f6f6;border-left:5px solid #009ee0;box-shadow:0 8px 20px 0 rgba(30,30,30,.1);overflow:auto;padding:17px;text -align:left;font-weight:bold}


The existence of related posts on blogs is very important to navigate visitor traffic from one page to another.

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