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Merge Polygons In Arcgis | Merge Polygon Arcmap

Arcgis is an application that is often used for digitizing mapping, there are various functions that can be applied, but specifically in this post, we will write about how to combine 2 or more polygons in Arcgis.

Notes : Don’t get me wrong, I’ll say it’s pretentious to teach. This is a summary of the results of learning with a tutor who is quite experienced, want to know who he is, please read the notes on part 1 about Arcgis. If you are a bit confused by the arcgis notes here, that’s normal, because the language is too common, and suitable for us beginners. The point is to make it easy to understand.

Why are Polygons Merged?

There are various reasons why you have to combine polygons, but in general, usually because there is an error in the process of digitizing a certain area or region, or maybe there are parts of the map that are difficult to digitize at once so you have to make several polygons and then combine them.

Another reason is the inaccurate accuracy, which requires us to re-edit to match the reference data, this reference data can be in the form of several gps coordinates in the field or through aerial photos and satellite images.

How to Merge Polygons in Arcgis?

Here are the stages and steps:

  • Click the polygon file that you want to merge in the Table of content
  • Select the same file again in the Create Feature section
  • Select Editor > Start Editing
  • Select the Edit Tool Cursor marked with the number 4
  • press Shift and select the polygons you want to merge
  • Once selected, return to the Editor
  • Select Merge

Maximum Number of Merges ?

There is no limit to the number of polygons when merging, unless the polygons are limited by a certain area. For example, there are areas A, B, C, where B is between areas A and C, while we want to combine A and C, it’s impossible, to combine the two automatically area B must also be merged.


Merge is a simple method that can be used during the polygon digitization process. If the shape of the area is too complicated to process once, you can use multiple polygons, if the area is covered, then merge.

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