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Million Dollar Selfie and Twitter Tweet | Selling NFT Digital Works

most expensive tweet for sale
NFT’s most expensive tweet

In this digital era full of surprises, this is nothing new, thanks to unlimited information, it’s no wonder that many people use it as a means to gain various benefits such as selling goods and services.

But getting here, with the presence of the latest innovations, followed by the emergence of new terms, physical works of art, now present in non-physical forms in the form of digital works.

This digital work can be in the form of anything, whether it is in the form of photos, videos, writings, or random things that can be made digitally.

Recently, the sale and purchase of digital works is booming, even a selfie of a young man is selling for a fantastic price.

Quoted from the coverage; an OpenSea account user named Ghozali Everyday managed to sell his selfie photos and has pocketed around IDR 13.3 billion from sales from 2022 to 2022.

selling selfies
Ghozali everyday NFT

The total of IDR 13.3 billion is the result of the conversion of the digital currency Etherium, amounting to 277 Etherium. According to Ghozali’s confession; there are about 933 selfie photos that have been made by NFT.

NFT itself is an abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token, it is used to identify a digital art work, even though the photo or work has been duplicated as much as possible, there is only 1 original/original work with a unique code, and it can be identified if it has been previously converted to NTF.

A surprising thing also happened to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the article was quoted as saying from; The Twitter CEO’s first tweet was sold at a fantastic price, which is USD 2.9 million or around 41 billion rupiah at the current exchange rate.

The buyer is a cryptocurrency businessman from our neighboring Malaysia at the time of the auction, the Tweet read “Just setting up my twttr” tweeted in 2006.

In general, the buying and selling transactions of NFT digital works are quite simple; the transfer of ownership of this digital asset is only in the form of digital certification and metadata.

That means that even though Jack Dorsey’s Tweet is still on the homepage of his Twitter account, the ownership rights have changed hands to the NTF buyer of the tweet.

Starting from that, the price of NTF soared in the market for non-fungible token trading service providers such as OpenSea and Rarible.

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