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Mountain Nature Lightroom Formula| Lr Blue Sky & Green Trees

natural lightroom formula
Yr art photo editing

Hello dear LR friends, wherever you are, now in this special segment, we will explain the steps and how to edit natural photos or more precisely mountainous natural scenery using the Lightroom android photo editing application. The reason for writing this tutorial is because more and more users are looking for techniques and tutorials about: Natural Lightroom editing formulas.

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Therefore, in order to satisfy your cravings and curiosity, this complete guide has emerged. But before that, I want to wish you a happy birthday, when you open the article: Natural Lightroom Formulas. There is no special gift from me, I can only provide a few stages of editing in the android application using adobe LR.

Please note, the settings and the number of each element in the edit menu are not absolute, you can increase or decrease the value, and the range cannot be less and cannot be more than 5. How do you understand what that means? for example in the contrast section on: the natural mountain lightroom formula is written 30, this value is the one applied to the image above, of course we know, each shot has different values ​​for lighting, temperature and so on.

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For that reason, there is a value range option in the Mountain Nature Lightroom formula that I give on this occasion. Maybe someone asks the level of difficulty of the natural Lightroom formula below, the answer is that it is at the Easy level of 5 levels; very easy, easy, medium, difficult, and very difficult.

even so, these levels can be very easy if you continue to hone your ability to apply Lightroom formulas on android.

Since the objects in the picture are mountains, mountains, green trees, grass, so here I just make it look fresher like summer or summer.

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so that it doesn’t go into length until the mouth is gravy, just enter the editing process:

1. Light Settings

lighting : 0

contrast : 30

Highlights : 54

Shadow : -96

White Hue : 36

Black : -28

2. Set color

Temperature: 13

Pattern : 15

Vibrance : 11

Saturation : 43

3. Mixed Set

red > hue value 35 > Saturation -6 >Luminance -10

Orange > -19 >-8 >2

Yellow > 37 >2 > -10

Green > 56 > -7 > -2

Aqua > 50 > 0 > 0

Blue > 42 > 0 > 0

Purple > 0 > 0 > 0

Pink > 0 > 0 > 0

4. Effect Set

Texture : 27

Saturation : -28

soft effect : -61

vignette : 24

Midpoint: 37

Featers : 76

Roundness : -49

high light




5. Details

Sharpen : 31

Radius : 0.90

Details : 25

Masks : 1

Noise Reduction: 13

Details : 50

Contrast : 25

Color noise reduction : 7

details : 50

Smoothness: 73

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Tips To Get Maximum Results

As stated earlier, that value is not absolute, the most important thing here is the color combination game. How do you know the right color combination?, first identify the dominant color in the image, then determine what kind of atmosphere you want to apply, for example the atmosphere of the morning sun, afternoon, evening, summer, winter, or autumn.

This is mandatory for those of you who want to develop nature-themed editing skills, especially using the Lightroom or LR android application. Because we know ourselves, nature has its own dynamics.

But you also can’t be casual, it’s impossible for you to give your ice a yellow color, or a color other than cold temperatures, which is blue.

Regarding this, that is one of the reasons why I dared to give the formula for the mountain natural lightroom above, because the inside of the photo does not have snow that has a cold blue temperature. How to Import and create Lightroom Presets


Maybe that’s all for this tutorial, Hopefully after getting the reference above, my friend can easily do editing on mountain views, blue clouds, green trees in the summer, so as to produce maximum color gradations as desired.

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