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Often Mistaken Meaning | This is the difference between VPN and FAKE GPS

how to use fake gps
Differences, functions, dangers, and how it works

The virtual world holds millions of mysteries and charms of its own, exploring there seems to take us on an adventure in a place that is far different from the real world, there are many things that you can get, and that too is universal, which means that anyone can enter there just by accessing the internet. log on to the internet.

Friends who stop by here will definitely want to know what the difference between the two is, this started with several online games where players often get the wrong results when they see fake GPS results but say VPN, and vice versa. Indeed, at first glance there is no difference, it looks similar, but the function of the two is actually much different.

On this occasion, allow the writing in this post to explain what VPN and Fake Gps are, what are the functions of the two, what are the differences, and how they work. Without further ado, let’s review it in more depth, so that later it won’t be wrong again, “this is a fake gps or vpn result”, let’s see the explanation below:

What is a VPN and its Functions?

This question will start a further introduction about vpn, what exactly is a vpn; VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, its first appearance was made on the basis of connecting or making network connections in a certain scope, for example in an office, school building, and so on. But it should be underlined, that the purpose of the VPN itself is to get internet access safely.

What is GPS and Fake GPS?

GPS is an abbreviation of Global Positioning System, the purpose of which is made is for navigation purposes, determining position through the help of the coordinates of a certain place or location.

After knowing the function and purpose of the GPS, we can easily find out the function of the fake GPS itself. Fake if my friend translates into Indonesian, it has a fake meaning. Well overall Fake GPS refers to determining an imaginary location, that means someone who uses it is not necessarily in that position.

What is the function of Fake GPS?

Maybe there is a negative opinion about this software, but wait, don’t think there’s a word “fake” there and then you conclude that this was done for a crime, please throw away the negative perception first. In general, every function is always shown for something, whether it’s entertaining or easy.

Fake GPS can be used as an alternative to connecting a game account at a certain location, such as in the Mobile Legends game. Someone wants to enliven the score board in a place, or wants to be a top hero in mobile legends, fake gps can help realize this, by marking the desired location where the number of players in the area is very small, so they can easily enter the ranks of top heroes.

The difference between VPN function and Fake GPS

From the explanation above, it is actually very easy for us to draw conclusions and know the significant differences between the two, especially those that are often misunderstood in the world of online games such as Mobile Legend. VPN itself functions as a means to connect separate networks, for example networks or networks owned by the Indonesian state with foreign networks, so that, when this function is used, the game server will follow the destination country’s network. Meanwhile, fake GPS only functions as a location marker, but does not affect the network being used.

VPNs and Fake GPS Are Often Misunderstood

There are lots of online game players, especially Mobile Legends who think that the two are the same, some even say “wow, the global top title is the result of VPN”. This is where the error lies, the title at a certain location can be obtained by using a fake GPS. While the VPN function can only affect the search for opponents when the match is about to start, which means the opposing team is from an outside country or region depending on the VPN target.

What Are the Pros & Cons of a VPN?

The advantages; For those of you who often access servers abroad, you may find it helpful to have a VPN, because if certain sites and websites are blocked in our country, through the help of a VPN, access blocking will be opened, for example the Reddit Forum site that has been blocked, if you want to access it, my friend. no need to bother having to go abroad, just rely on the VPN function of a specific country target, so we can access it again.

Disadvantages; a little difficult if the signal strength does not support the use of a VPN, because to make access to other countries, we must need a good signal, so that there are no obstacles, long loading when opening the page, because based on experience, the biggest influence is on signal ping and lastly when playing games, gameplay will be disrupted, data transfer delays and data reception will occur.

Pros & Cons of Fake GPS

This advantage is very helpful for those who are doing location simulations, for example in the mobile legends game. To get the title hero, using Fake Gps is already commonplace among players.

While the drawback itself lies in accuracy, this is what is being felt by many users. And its users are most often only for online games.

Dangers of Using VPN & Fake GPS

Whoever your friend is when using a VPN has unlimited access to all sites and websites, sometimes blocking actions occur as a form of anticipation so that cyber netizens do not access them, this action may have certain reasons, such as adult sites, and other dangerous sites, which are not should be consumed by the public, or maybe there is something that harms the user’s device.

By utilizing a VPN, sites or websites whose access is blocked can be easily accessed again, without any restrictions, which means that we are free to open anything, but there are consequences, such as the absence of a protection system that will protect our devices, so the device is very vulnerable to anything. coming from cyberspace.

So far, Fake GPS has no complaints about its dangers, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. If you look at its simple function, of course it will be very difficult to identify the dangers that come from Fake GPS. Even so, misuse of the function can cause its own harm, like the function of technology in general, if it is used for something useful, the results can be very positive, and vice versa, if it is used in a negative way, it is most likely to be detrimental.


From what has been said above, of course now you know the difference between a VPN and Fake GPS. VPN is more about using a network in a certain location, while Fake GPS only refers to an area, area or location marker, more precisely an imaginary location marker.

Both look similar but not the same, that’s how to describe the true function of the existence of Fake Gps with a VPN. The effect of using VPN on online games includes network, gameplay, opponents and possibly features. Meanwhile, Fake GPS only has 1 location, which is a location marker, not for networks and so on.


Well, hopefully after reading this post, you won’t be mistaken which one is generated by a VPN and which one is generated by Fake GPS and how to apply the two. The rest may be useful, thank you.

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