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Old Hag Syndrome Phenomenon | Obsession and nightmares

old hag syndrome
Old Hag Syndrome : Real Or Sleeping Flowers

Just seeing a scary figure in a dream might make goosebumps goosebumps, even though you have woken up from sleep, let alone seeing it directly in front of your eyes, there is only one choice and no other choice, but to run as fast as you can.

But what happens if there is a scary figure in front of your face, and at the same time, you feel paralyzed and can’t do anything, try to imagine, or you are too afraid to imagine the moment.

Let’s change it, if the figure that appears on his face is not scary, but has long hair, wears white clothes from top to toe, now try to imagine.

In the medical worldthe paralysis is known as Sleep Paralysis, but if the paralysis is accompanied by the appearance of an old grandmother sitting above you, this phenomenon is called Old Hag Syndrome, a combination of sleep paralysis and Hypnopompic hallucinations.

But what is seen by those affected by this syndrome is not really real, but what if you suddenly experience this kind of incident, how should you explain it, many people believe that nightmares are usually because of what we think before sleeping, or what you see, such as horror films and feelings of fear.

It will be difficult if you suddenly experience this phenomenon, why does it have to be an old grandmother who appears, why not beautiful girls or Korean grandparents 😀

The term Old Hag Syndrome phenomenon originates from the belief and superstition that when you sleep there is an old grandmother (woman witch) who is right above you, so this is the reason you can’t move.

Even though there has been an explanation in the medical world, this phenomenon still confuses many people, some even associate it with invisible supernatural powers, for example real ghosts.

Belief and Superstition

If in the western world an old grandmother with a scary appearance is always synonymous with the figure of a witch, especially if the handle is a broom, there is no other word to describe the figure, it definitely leads to the figure of a witch.

In the eastern world, especially Asia, perhaps a figure like the one above has many names, but it will always involve transparent and invisible figures, such as ghosts of old women.

Yes, maybe if someone asks “have you ever had Old Hag Syndrome”, if they say yes, maybe not, but if you have been overwhelmed several times.

How does it feel ; yes, like people with disabilities in general, “is there a scary figure?” no, it’s just hard to move plus there is a sense of fear, the fear appears suddenly.

If traced from the point of view of sleep paralysis, the paralysis occurs due to several things, such as irregular sleep patterns, an overly tired body, and so on.


Not many people experience Old Hag Syndrome, and they can’t think that people who experience it are lucky people who are “rare”,” rare,” “exciting experience”, if you think like that, then you are one of the people who lucky, :D, kidding.

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