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OP Hero Considered Weak | Tips and Tricks Using Hero Beatrix|Mobile Legends

Beatrix tutorials
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Marksman-type heroes are indeed highly reckoned with, although they can’t be relied on in the early minutes, but that doesn’t mean MM is useless at all, they are like assets to show off when the fight occurs in the late game. At that moment, MM will be a frightening specter for the opposing team, not without reason, the lethal damage that is released can cause low hp heroes such as mages and assassins to grimace when approaching the shooting range of this type of hero.

Beatrix is ​​one of the Marksman roles, has a fairly high agility, the movement of this hero is quite agile, equipped with 4 weapons that make it different from heroes of similar types. But like most other MMs, the level of blood resistance or HP of this hero is low.

For those of you who want to know more about how to use Beatrix, please read carefully the explanation below:

The Story of Beetrix

In a city called Eruditio there lived a young girl named Beatrix, came from a family with a background of leading merchants around the world, she was a newcomer to the city’s famous school, the Scholars Union. His ability in the field of science, made him grow as a famous scientist in the city. At a Surrvival Nexus competition held there, each participant entered a virtual arena using thought waves by utilizing Virtual technology from Octavius, but unfortunately the technology was hacked by an evil group they called Laboratory 1718, everyone is under the control of this group, it didn’t stop there, they stole an army of iron Guardian robots to attack blindly throughout the city. Realizing the incident, Beatrix came to help and managed to defeat the criminals. Now the city is safe again because of Beatrix’s help.

Early start

Movement Speed ​​: 257

Magic defense : 15

HP Regen : 7.2

Physical Attack : 105

Physical Defense : 20

HP : 2550

Attack speed : 0.858


Nibiru : this weapon is similar to SMG, has a shooting range not too far, but also not too close, in short medium range. one shot can release 4-5 bullets at a time, after that there will be a pause of several milliseconds, until where the reload occurs so that the pause time is around 1-2 seconds. In terms of use, this weapon is easy for players to use. 15 (+60% total physics ATK)

Wesker : Shortgun type, has a medium difficulty level, equipped with 2 bullets, when fired, the pause occurs for a long time, but don’t get me wrong, Wesker’s dmg is very lethal to the enemy. 75 (+150% physical ATK)

Renner : Sniper type, has a high level of difficulty, because of manual targeting, the advantage comes from the dmg that is produced the largest from other weapons, dealing 125 (+ 500% total physical ATK), 50% damage to creeps.

Bennet: More like a mortar, fired upwards, once the bullet hits the ground there will be an explosion in a certain area. 70 (+280% total Physical ATK), 30% slow effect for 0.5 seconds

Tips for Using Hero Beatrix

Hero build items

Keep in mind that he cannot issue a critical attack, everything that is critical will be converted into Physical attack. When you first spawn, take the second skill first, this will make it easier for us when the enemy suddenly approaches, by utilizing this skill, Beatrix can move quickly in all directions depending on the direction of the destination, this term is called ngedas. Not only that, when the bullet runs out, this skill can reload the magazine quickly. The duel at the beginning with any hero you guys will definitely excel, don’t be afraid to fight in the first minute if you meet another MM, even though both are still level 1, no one can beat this MM.

Build armor shoe items if you fight a lot of counter heroes, especially saber and hayabusa, cooldown shoes if your teammates trust you as a core. Now after that, just select BOD as the 2nd item. The more deadly, especially the more superior gold than the opponent, followed by Haas’s Claws or demon hunter swords, the more ferocious the corrosion scythe as the 4th item. minutes late game, make immortal, then the last alternative can use one of these builds: Malefic Roar to break enemy armor, Hunter strike for movement speed, or Armor Brute Force Breastplate.

Big Boy

Attacking your opponent suddenly is one of the most prominent abilities, especially if you are equipped with a flicker spell, oh, it looks more like a guerrilla. To do this, make sure your weapon is in Nibiru mode and your character is level 4 and above. Hide in the jungle grass, wait for the enemy to approach, when Beatrix’s ultimate range reaches the opponent’s radius, use it to spray her face. If done correctly, the enemy’s HP will decrease drastically, he will panic then run away, use skill 2 to get closer to him.

Reliable Sniper

how to target the target is very difficult if you don’t know the right technique, don’t worry, my friend just press and hold the ultimate Rener skill, then the targeting process will appear, don’t wait for the arrow to stop moving before shooting, you have to estimate the right moment when the arrow is straight enemy position. In the beginning it is difficult, once you get used to it, it becomes easier.


Don’t tell anyone that ultimate Bennet can steal the lord from the opponent, the fastest to clean the minions, the more efficient if the combo with tigreal

Hit Turret Without Minions

Renner and Bennet’s weapons have long-range radius ranges, allowing you to hit the turret without minions, even though the damage to the opponent’s tower is very small, but this is quite effective to use in installments on the opponent’s turret.

Combo Hero

So far, Beatrix is ​​very suitable when combined with heroes like Tigreal, Lylia, Vale and other characters whose ultimate is area.

how, are you guys starting to get interested and interested in trying the exciting gameplay of the hero Beatrix, if that’s the case, good luck.

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