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Out Door Filters | Lightroom Blue Tone Formula | Dark blue

lightroom blue tone formula
Lightroom Blue Tone – dark Rumus formula

Are you a blue lover?, if so, then you must try the Lightroom Blue Tone Formula. The blue pattern that is presented is very soft and is great when used in a photo with the theme of traveling to the beach. The soft texture is increasingly felt, blending with the brunt of the sea waves.

You will be satisfied to see the shots if you add the Lightroom Blue tone formula. If your house is on the beach, this photo editing formula is perfect, it’s mandatory, there’s no reason or not. You only need a few steps for the image to appear with a Blue Tone scene.

Often upload photos to social media or just for gallery collections, you only need to edit through the LR android application, then add various presets, but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting together: the Bluetone lightroom formula, obviously not only beautiful natural scenery can be produced, but You can also instill emotions, so that whenever you see those memories, there are memories stored in a color through the Blue tone lightroom formula.

It’s super, isn’t it, the lightroom bluetone formula is the best choice when you’re on the beach, especially your dream beach, maybe you’ve wanted to be there for a long time, then that dream comes true, don’t waste a rare moment, make everything perfect using the lightroom blue tone formula .

Here’s the Lightroom Blue Tone Formula:


You don’t need to give too much light effect, because it’s clear your position is outdoors, if it’s indoor, play the value from 0.5 to 1.00, but it’s a good idea to use this lightroom blue tone formula for outdoor-themed photos, as already mentioned above, it can be at the beach, or there is a water background, to make it more perfect.

Lighting : 0.20

contrast : -20

Highlights : -35

Shadow : 5

White Hue : -15

Black : -30


most importantly, the key is in temperature and vibrance, the blue color is characteristic of cold temperatures, which means it has a minus value, and the range of -10 to -20 is enough to produce a blue tone appearance, it is strengthened if the vibrance rises above 50 it can be 55 or 60.

Temp : -15

Pattern : 2

Vibrance : 60

Saturation 2


buddy, just focus on creating the lightroom blue tone formula, as explained above, the minus value is always identical to the cold temperature, which is blue, please pay attention to the whole, you can use it as a reference and key to play in the lightroom blue tone formula.

Red : -75, -35, -18

Orange : 1, -2 , -5

Yellow : -75 , -39, -17

Green : -35, -60, 65

Aqua : -36, -25, -30

Blue : -19, 65, -54

Purple : -100, -100, -65

Pink : -2,-44, -4


clearer when the texture is clarified, and the fog is reduced. Clarity is just a complement, just adjust it.

Texture: 15

Clarity: 15

Fog Effect : -2

Vinette : -5


This can also be said as a complement, depending on the results of the initial photo when you take pictures using the camera, the point is to create a smooth texture, without noise, but obviously, that’s all.

Sharpening: 15

Radius : 1.00

Noise Reduction :37

Color Noise Reduction : 32

Fineness: 50

In my personal opinion, the overall Lightroom Blue tone formula is very suitable if applied to certain conditions, and on the other hand it will seem strange when used in the wrong situation, but, well there are buts, a good color combination can produce amazing new filters. . For now, it may be a secret for the color combination to match. We will unpack in the next lightroom formula.

Maybe for now it’s enough to get here first, there are lots of filters and other effects that you can use, the results are no less interesting, please explore as you like, create the best pictures as memorable moments. The rest apologize if there is a wrong word, thank you.

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