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Outdoor Presets | Lightroom Aqua & Orange Formulas | Sunny Beach

lightroom aqua and orange formula
Aqua and Orange

What’s your style when you’re posing for fun?, is it a santuy style, calm, or too aggressive, jumping up and down, climbing trees and so on. Of course it describes the emotions and forms of freedom that you should get, but it must be remembered, that you still prioritize security and safety when taking the moment.

This time we specifically discuss the aqua and orange Lightroom formula, what else is there?, as the name suggests: aqua and orange is a combination of two syllables that lead to one goal, just like you, me and we are currently discussing this cool filter, the same goal which is to figure out how to apply this preset correctly in order to get the perfect final result as desired.

Seeing the word orange in this preset made me remember the lightroom peach pastel formula that was previously reviewed, because when editing the preset, we were presented with dominant colors of yellow and orange in the photo texture, this is also contrary to the Lightroom Aquamarine formula, why do I say the opposite?, because in the Aquamarine element, we don’t find any orange spots at all, that means this color doesn’t always determine the softness of a photo.

What I want to emphasize is that the intensity of the strength of a certain color can reach a meeting point where a feeling of softness is formed in that color.

Speaking of aqua orange, actually this is a collaboration between 2 lightroom formulas, overall it looks like a preset intersection, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s really difficult to explain, so just feel it. The Lightroom aqua and orange formula makes this happen, from whichever point of view you look at it, you will definitely notice that there is a collaboration of two presets, and it looks very clear.

Let’s take a peek at the Lightroom Aqua And Orange formula:


Contrast is in control here, why?, if it is increased to a positive value, guess what will happen, well my friend is right, there is a dividing line that makes the two look like they don’t blend in with each other, it means it’s like 2 photos combined in one canvas, try to keep the number minus.

Lighting : 0.30

contrast : -15

Highlights : 12

Shadow : 20

White Hue : -15

Black : 23


If you want it to be thicker and clearer, play the vibrance to 45-50, but I think 41-43 is moderate, standard. Yes, each of us has our own taste.

Temp: 12

Pattern : 12

Vibrance : 43

saturation 12


You will find the aqua and orange feel when you are in the blue setting

Red : -4, -13, 1

Orange : -5, -13 , 11

Yellow : -97 , -11, 12

Green : -97, -97, 1

Aqua : 1, 26, 1

Blue : -63, -13, -15

Purple : -1, -97,-98

Pink : -1,-98, -97


For the recommended texture, it is only 10-20, too high is also not good, it looks rougher.

Texture: 12

Clarity: 35

Fog Effect : -5

Vinette : -1

midpoint : 0


If your friend’s photo file has good quality, I don’t think this setting is too mandatory,

Sharpen : 10

Radius : 1.00

Noise Reduction :15

Color Noise Reduction: 15

Smoothness: 45

From the values ​​above, have you found the key values ​​that make up the Lightroom Aqua And Orange Formula? If not, try to repeat it over and over again, until you really get the best feel.

So that’s it. Segment sharing is about: the aqua and orange lightroom formula, then please be creative without limits, create your taste, hopefully it will be useful.

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