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Outdoor Presets | Lightroom Dark Aqua Formula | Lr Mantai

lightroom dark aqua presets
Lr dark aqua filter

So far there are various kinds of presets that you can use to edit photos on Android Lr, and what we are discussing this time will have to do with the dark category. What’s wrong with dark?, maybe you think “how do you see the photos when it’s dark?”. Dark here doesn’t mean it’s not visible at all, don’t imagine that dark is the canvas covered in black, what is meant here is dim, have you ever heard of that word?

If described, this means a condition where the amount of light is very little, so that it displays an object similar to a shadow, but still emphasizes the presence of color there.

Want to add aesthetic value to photo and image moments?, then one of these lightroom preset recommendations you should try. Although it is almost the same as the previous aquamarine formula, there is another side that you should consider with the presence of dark or dark elements in the lightroom dark aqua formula.

If you compare the two photos, there is a clear, very contrasting difference, especially with regard to light intensity, one is dark while the other is bright. Dark is quite interesting because it has an atmosphere of mystery, at first glance it might sound scary, but don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think.

Because we only reduce the value of the light, so it looks like moonlight at night. You should try this Lightroom dark aqua formula, there is beauty to be had when applied correctly.

It’s not complicated, there are only 2 important parts that you have to set, it needs to be emphasized again that these are the constituents of the two elements, namely dark and aqua. So we’re going to be playing a lot on light and color mix or mix.

Previously, various presets and lightroom formulas have also been described, such as celebgram style, blue sky, peach pastel and pink, blue aqua, natural scenery and so on. Maybe my friend is interested, you can check in other articles, still on this blog. Continue yes, how are the settings, now please go below:

Lightroom Dark Aqua formula


Lighting : -1.30

contrast : -43

Highlights : -28

Shadow : -56

White Hue : 17

Black : -9


Temp : -22

Pattern : -3

Vibrance : 57

Saturation 42


Red : 27, -21, -36

Orange : 22, 2 , -5

Yellow : 0 , -5, 5

Green : -3, -5, 1

Aqua : 26, 62, 72

Blue : -22, -5, -5

Purple : -1, -1, -1

Pink : -1.0, -2


Texture: 17

Clarity: 29

Fog Effect : -20

Vinette : -12


Sharpen : 10

Radius : 0.80

Noise Reduction :61

Color Noise Reduction : 48

Fineness: 50

Although the numbers above can produce a dark effect, it’s a good idea to choose an appropriate photo when this formula is applied. It’s a shame if you don’t maximize the results, because the Lightroom dark aqua formula is specifically for outdoor poses, especially on the beach or the background is dominated by blue, for example the background of the blue sky or sea water.

That’s all for information regarding the dark aqua preset this time, if you like it and want to share it with friends, colleagues and colleagues, first of all please make the preset first, how to make it is already available here. May be useful.

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