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PICSART | How to Edit a Photo on an Android Phone | Easy & Complete

Change the background color of the photo
Picsart photo pass tutorial

The need for a passport photo has become something important in our daily lives, especially when dealing with administrative processes, the obligation of a person to have a passport photo as a complement to identification has been around for a long time.

When registering for school, a student is required to submit a sheet of requirements, correspondence and not to forget that there is always a photo with a certain background attached.

other activities such as making a driver’s license, making an ID card, and a job application letter, you will also be offered various requirements, again this object is a part that you don’t forget, that its existence plays an important role.

For some people, the cost of making a passport photo at a photo studio may not be cheap, even though the price may be affordable, but if you don’t have time to go there because of the distance and travel time that is quite far from the nearest studio, while you only have 1 hour left, and you have to submit the administrative requirements online.

Making a passport photo through the android application is one of the easiest options you can take, it will be even easier if you use picsart.

So, instead of lingering, let’s go straight to the tutorial on how to edit photos in the Picasart android application:

Preparation : Look for a background with a bright color, take advantage of surrounding objects such as walls, sheets of cloth, if there is no other way, you can use banana leaves as a background :D.

Now the photo is ready, for example here I use Photo with caption; Jennie Kim is a high school student, and it’s time to enter the production kitchen, namely Picsart.

how to edit photos online
Change the background color from blue to red

Steps to Edit Photo:

Editing flow : Go to picsart > add photo > effect > color > hue > set background color > eraser > select “sky” > tools menu > crop > done


1. Save the photo in an easy-to-find folder

2. It’s time for a friend to open the Picsart editor application

3. add a photo that you prepared earlier

4. now it’s time to adjust the background color first by going to the “effects” menu, scrolling sideways until you find the “Color” sub menu. well then find the filter ” Hue”. To adjust the background color, for example blue you want to change to red like the example in the picture above, just set the “amount”, play left and right until you get a red color in the background.

5. After the background color is obtained, continue selecting the color so that the face and other parts are not affected, select the eraser symbol at the top, then click “sky”, then the color will automatically only be applied to the background. click tick. okay now you have got a photo with a background as needed. What is next ?

6. Adjust photo size; 2×3, 3×4, and 4×6. How to enter the “Tools” menu, select cut, then you will be presented with several sizes, 3×4, 2×3, and Portrait size 4×6. Cutting Tips; you need to know, if you click on that section 2x, the changes can be vertically or horizontally.

7. At this stage, the photograph has been declared complete, but if you want to add a filter to make it look better, go ahead. And finally, save the edited photo.

How, do you feel confused by the explanation above, don’t worry, just follow the flow, it’s easy. Well finally the Pasfoto is complete and ready to use.

The quality of the edits is not inferior to the results of photos in general, what makes it different may be the cost of making, if outside it requires a certain cost, while the Picsart application is free.

That’s the tutorial for editing photos using the Picsart photo editor, if there are problems and so on during the above process, maybe you need help, I’m ready to help, please contact the contact listed on the profile or contact us, thank you for the rest.

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