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Popular Presets | Lightrroom Aqua Marine Formula | Bright Blue Green

Indeed, when we talk about the Lightroom formula, various kinds of filters have been created to satisfy the thirst of prospective celebrities and celebrities in the virtual martial arts world. Showing cool and interesting photos is one of the obligations, all of that certainly can’t be done without the help of a reliable photo editor software.

Lightroom is one that can be used so you can easily create various interesting filter presets as needed. So for that, specifically in this post, there is an interesting lightroom formula to explore, down to how to edit and then apply additional elements to the image. Don’t miss the update, this is guaranteed to make your photos cooler and more interesting.

Lightroom Aquamarine formula

Sounds foreign, doesn’t it?, this is the latest special recommendation for friends who are looking for presets oh hi, it’s really amazing, second to none, for some reason I feel in love with this preset, I think the Lightroom Aquamarine formula is very unique, if you say it’s rare, it really is rare and have seen people use this effect, but you can count on your fingers.

It’s a loss if you don’t try this Aquamarine lightroom formula, it’s recommended, you can say it’s mandatory. There is an element of beauty accompanied by softness, especially in the lighting section, if only this was one of the food choices, it would still be the food of choice, that’s about it.

Armed with basic editing skills via Lr, anyone can easily Create aqua Marine effects on their captured images.

How should this preset be used?, very suitable when pasted on photos with sky, water is better in water, glass.

Aquamarine Lightroom Presets


One of the elements that make up a 3-dimensional object comes from light, so that your edits are clearly visible, this factor has an important role and it has a significant influence.

Lighting : 0.54

Contrast : 18

Highlights : 4

Shadow : 15

White Hue : 23

Black : 32


Editing is like painting on a white canvas, you need a distinction in it, so that the object and texture of the object you are painting has a characteristic and easy to identify that it is this thing, or that thing. Here, for example, painting trees, how people others know that it is a tree, the trick is to add color as a characteristic of trees in general.

Temp : -15

Pattern : 6

Vibrance : 14

Saturation: 23


the ability to mix or mix various colors is obligatory, why is that?, we know for ourselves that colors have primary and secondary categories, mixing skills will produce secondary color gradations.

Yellow : Hue -45 > Saturation -34 > Luminance -45

Green : 0 >-1 > -45

Aqua : 76 >70 >88

Blue : -83 > -29 > -20

Purple : 1 > -97 > 69


why do you need effects?, like vegetables without salt, that’s how I liken the existence of this function,

Texture : -30

Clarity : -20

Fog Effect : 7

Vignette : -4


Noise Reduction: 16

Color Noise Reduction: 13

Fineness: 50

The key to this Preset game is in the color and blend section, lighting is not too much of a benchmark when you edit using the Lightroom aqua marine formula, but even so, we also take into account the presence of light there.

Now, how does the image you edit look like, is it in line with previous expectations?, maybe there are other questions such as “why are the photos above the clothes filtered too?” The answer to the appearance of the first image is in the water, so it’s only biased, and the second is behind the glass, if you pose indoors and then the background is transparent glass, just focus on that section.

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