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Professional Runner's Secret!! 3 Parameters To Make Your Run More Speeding

how to run fast
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Maybe many of you think that to run faster, one must know good and correct basic techniques. This opinion is not wrong, but it doesn’t feel right when this physical activity is fully assessed from a technical point of view. Because we have to know there are other factors that play an important role when you run.

In the world of sports, running is a sport that is often found in many competitions, and is further divided into several types based on the distance traveled, ranging from short distances such as the 100M sprint to long distances known as Marathons that can reach tens of kilometers. From the past until now, running has been included in learning materials in the world of education. To be honest, you must have been taught the correct running technique, for example at the initial start the position of the feet and hands must touch the ground, the body is leaning forward, and so on. He said if you do it right then you can run faster.

The theory is like that, but unfortunately because it’s too focused on technique, some important things are just forgotten. If you are a professional runner, you are asked to take part in a competition against the DC super hero “Flash”, who has the ability to run at supersonic speeds. In this case, my friend is not the type of person who never gives up, even though the opponent’s ability far exceeds yours, but my friend is still trying to think about how to beat him during the competition. It sounds impossible to beat the flash, but in theory it can be done if you have the energy, power and muscles that support that speed, but unfortunately the human body has certain limitations, so to do it you need additional equipment, such as artificial muscles.

The example above is more like a bedtime fairy tale, but there is a scientific side to it that we can use to explain how a person can run faster. Actually the correct running technique is a way to maximize each person’s running potential, if you say increasing speed, maybe this is still not quite right, because everyone has their own running speed limit.

Taken from several sources; This speed limit can be increased if you know these 3 important parameters and train them, what are they?

1. Muscle Type

When running, you use several muscles to make this process possible, consisting of primary, support and auxiliary muscles. In short, the primary muscles are located in the foot, including the heel, calf and thigh. Supporting one of them is the abdominal or abdominal muscles and the last is the external and internal intercostal muscles that help us during the process of respiration or breathing. This part must be trained regularly to be strong and powerful.

2. Body weight

The lighter a person’s body weight, allows him to be able to run faster, due to the fact that when running, we indirectly transfer the load from one place to another. Excess weight can cause us to lose balance.

3. Aerodynamics

when it comes to speed, all objects in the world that move, including humans, will experience interaction with the surrounding air. When you run, the air will flow in the opposite direction to your goal, hitting the face, body, feet to hands, this section is called the cross section, resulting in an obstacle which then slows down our movement when accelerating. Try to pay attention to the shape of any vehicle, such as motorbikes, cars, planes and ships, none of them have a flat vertical shape on the front, the shape is always sharp, its function is to reduce obstacles. This may also explain why professional runners straighten the palms instead of the fists.


If the above parameters can be maximized in their function and application, it is not impossible through a long process, one day you will get a significant change, your running speed will increase 2x. It’s just sweet 🙂

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