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RARELY USED | Lake Lightroom Presets | Android Lr Formula

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Lake Lightroom Formula

Welcome back friend Lr android, in this post, especially for those of you who are enjoying the natural atmosphere of the lake, taking photos for memories, regarding this activity, here is a cool preset recommendation so that the color display and your shots become more powerful, and I myself named it with the abbreviation RLD or the abbreviation of the Lake Lightroom Formula.

For your own example, you can see in the image above, how do you start?, or vice versa. If you’re interested, okay, then I’ll explain a little about this Lr preset.

At first, I thought I wanted to show the sunset there, but after thinking about it, I think the result will be less fresh, especially in the main object. If someone asks where you got the photo of the beautiful lady above, the answer is downloaded from the shutterstock photo service Pexel.

Let’s go!, because I was confused about how to do it, now the idea of ​​​​mixing the atmosphere of dusk and sunrise came up but the lighting was still a plus, which means it was bright, and in the end came the lake lightroom formula.

Take a good look at the photo background on the left and right, if you cover the yellow leaves, the atmosphere will definitely change to sunrise, on the other hand, if you close the green leaves, it will feel like dusk.

More curious where the game key is Lake Lightroom formula; Yes, let’s go straight to after for this preset:

1. Details

The position is deliberately random so it won’t be boring, because as before, the editing process will be less fun. For the details, this is relative, depending on the results of the camera usually. If it feels less sharp, please set sharpen and so on.

Sharpen : 20

Radius : 1.00

Details : 25

Masking : 0

Noise Reduction : 9

Details : 50

Contrast : 0

Color noise reduction : 46

details : 50

Fineness: 50

2. Light Settings

It’s also actually free for you to set according to your taste, only in the highlights section, which is mandatory, it can’t be lower than -15 and it can’t be higher than 0.

lighting: 0.43

contrast : 2

Highlights :-13

Shadow : 4

White Hue : 9

Black : -19

2. Mixed Set

Here is the key to the game, please set the number range of 5 low and high values, try not to exceed that.

red >-7 >-9 >-13

Orange > 3 >-2 >-10

Yellow > -27 >30 > 12

Green > -40 > 27 > 27

Aqua > 49 > 15 > 59

Blue > 72 > -63 > 37

Purple > 43 > 46> -26

Pink > 42 > -16 > 20

3. Set color

especially for the color set, if the temp can’t be properly rated 14, the value 12 or 15 is also okay with the others.

Temperature: 14

Pattern : -17

Vibrance : 33

Saturation : 19

4. Effect Set

Texture : -27

Saturation : -13

fog effect : 3

vignette : 4

Midpoint: 50

Featers : 50

Roundness : 0

What if the background is not leaves or trees?, I don’t think it has any effect, usually the background automatically adjusts to the main object.

My color is too sharp, just go to the color settings, adjust the Vibrance and saturation, then adjust the numerical value for the resulting image you pose.

The rest is possible, please make manual adjustments, because each camera usually has different qualities, resolutions and so on. Hopefully this Lake Lightroom Formula helps you during the editing process in the Lr application, thank you.

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