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Similar to These 3 Heroes: TIPS Using AULUS Hero To Make It More OP | Mobile Legends

build hurts Aulus
Let’s get acquainted with Aulus

Previously discussed: 5 Hero Tanks First Mobile Legends Aulus became the 108th hero in the Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Game. Before it was released to the Normal server, the enthusiasm of the players was evident when the Aulus gameplay video was first uploaded to YouTube. In less than 1 day, the number of viewers has reached tens of thousands, even some well-known channels have almost touched the 1 million mark.

Nicknamed the warrior of Ferocity, Aulus came to MLBB as a hero with a basic Fighter, there is an assumption that this hero was made by combining the abilities and appearance of the heroes Terisla, Minotour, and popol.

If you look closely, this assumption is not entirely wrong, because some of the characteristics of the three characters are clearly visible in Aulus, such as the hammer he is holding is identical to Terizla’s, the short body structure is like a popol, and the reddish-orange hair is similar to that of Aulus. Minotour.

Aulus is indeed short in stature like a dwarf, but don’t get me wrong, behind that appearance, it turns out that he has a high level of fighting ability, especially when the lifesteal is ready, which previously looked calm, dwarf as if useless, now transformed into a barbarian hero. This happened because of the help from the skills he had, curious what it was, how to use it?, let’s see the explanation below:


This stack is named Fighting Spirit, the Aulus hammer can be increased up to 4x, each stack has basic physical damage, can be used for 5 seconds.

First skill: Charge

The advantage of this hero comes from skill 1, it can be used to chase enemies, it can also run away. Used by clicking and holding, it gives the effect of increasing movement speed by 45% for a certain duration, besides that Aulus also gets a fury effect with a duration of 4 seconds. After dealing damage to the opponent, the enemy will get 60% slow effect with a duration of 1.5 seconds. This skill can be used to do ganking against opponents who are in the turret.

Second Skill: The Power Of Ax

Deals damage to a certain area right in front of Aulus and he will receive a 140% increase in attack speed in 5 seconds

Third skill: ultimate undying fury

The last Aulus ability is Undying Fury, dealing area damage resulting in a slow effect of 70%. His former ultimate lasts for 5 seconds causing physical effects and slows for 0.5 seconds.

Tips for Playing Hero Aulus

As we know, this hero made by Moonton is a fighter type, for those of you who have played a similar role so far, you definitely understand how to start an attack during a team fight. there should be no words of doubt, you can only choose one of 2 options, namely starting to attack or not at all, even though you have more gold and exp, the doubt factor can be fatal, you don’t focus on developing tactics step by step when you enter the middle a crowd of opponents, if this is what you can do, even wanting to go back to find a safe place seems impossible because you are already in the midst of the enemy, there is only one choice, namely to fight recklessly.

Hero mastery is more important, you know the potential of the hero, starting from skills and passives, so when you have mastered it, your instincts will be formed. So to get the best instincts, of course, you have to go through the practice process over and over again. Hero tutorials are as good and complex as whatever you see on youtube, if your instincts are not formed, it’s just a waste of time.

The selection of build items is also very important if you want to maximize the gameplay of this character. Before determining the right item, all you have to do is know the ability of the opponent’s hero character. When fighting a lot of mages choose what kind of build, and so on.

The tips above can be accounted for, especially regarding building items, because this information was obtained through verbal sharing with a former top global roger Mobile Legends Bang-Bang whose name I cannot mention here.

How do you guys feel curious?, if the answer is yes then happy playing.

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