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Simple But Aesthetic | Floating Flowers Photo Editing Tutorial | PICSART Android

floating flower picsart
PicsArt Dark filter formula

Still unfamiliar with the picsart effect formula?, that’s okay, you can translate it yourself what it means, but if interpreted literally, it refers to the sprinkles of flowers in the photo, in a celebration-style “what do you mean?”, for example, look at the picture above . I think this concept is very suitable for lovers of batik clothing, especially since my friend and I live in a flower country, our beloved homeland is decorated with various arts and cultures. Yes, the point is that it can make your photo even more stormy, it’s okay to be extravagant, after all, according to the facts.

Previously, it should be emphasized that this Picsart tutorial is solely for sharing with fellow activists and lovers of this Android application, especially for those of you who like to take pictures using the camera.

This effect formula is quite popular on picsart, many users want to imitate and produce similar photos. Viewed from any side, the results displayed contain a high level of artistic value, a bold combination of various bright colors, but still maintains the aesthetic element and the depth of the meaning of the photo, wadidaw’s words, it’s better than being lazy to digress, who likes to play with flashy colors , now is the time for action, create amazing floating flower creations in your photo details.

Important: Because developers often add new features to apps, the method below will outline important points, for the rest, please explore the section in question.

How to Edit Cool Floating Flower Photos

Preparation :

1. The mainstay photo is ready to be edited, try to make the clothes have a combination of more than 2 colors, like the picture above

2. Prepare an image of a rose with PNG format + petals, just search on google with the keywords “rose png” or “rose png”, the petals are also the same.

3. Take a comfortable position, it’s already three preparations.

Now let’s move on to how to Edit:

Filter and effect formulas:

modern photo editing
Filter formula picsart aesthetic

Plot : Add photo > flower > petals > effect > Light > L18 > Fx > film > brightness > done

Step :

1. As usual, just open the app

2. Find a photo and add it, remember the file must have a good HD resolution

3. After that add the PNG image that you just downloaded, place its position in front of one eye, look at the image above, OK?

4. Place the petal png photo, adjust it. Don’t lower the opacity, just set it at 100%

5. Select the effect, look for the Sub menu Light; find Filter L18, apply

6. Select the effect again, click FX, scroll until you find the Film Filter, lower the opacity to 50%

7. adjust the lighting of the filtered image until you can feel it. Well, if the results above are intentionally made dark, so that they don’t hurt your eyes when you see them.

8. Save or share your edits to your homepage, social media etc. Done

Isn’t that difficult?, since picsart regularly updates features, for filter purposes, the key is in the effects menu, where the filter collection is located. if the problem of lighting, saturation and friends are always in the Tools Menu, you can also find the photo cutting process there.

Just a suggestion, to make it look more attractive, it’s better not to use Landscape photos, use Portraits, this will maximize the appearance of the object, namely you in the photo along with other additional objects. Even if you still want to apply this technique to your portrait image, that’s fine too. But it’s a good idea to follow this advice so that the results are better and stormy.


That’s the tutorial this time, if there is a wrong word and it’s a little confusing, maybe there’s no other word other than apologizing profusely :D, hopefully this can help my friend in looking for ideas and ideas related to questions about the topic of discussion this time, more or less; Thank you for visiting.

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