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Simple Ways to Build Body Stamina

By Nandika Puri

Build Body Stamina – Learn how to build stamina, along with exercises to help your workout. Stamina measures how long a person can perform at the peak or threshold of aerobic or anaerobic before becoming exhausted. Many athletes identify their optimal heart rate and how long they can perform at this level to measure physical stamina.

Stamina is closely related to endurance, the maximum amount of time or distance an athlete can perform to perform a task. However, endurance focuses on duration rather than effort.

Here’s how to build stamina:

Adequate food intake for the body

Before starting any exercise, check your body and make sure you are not feeling hungry and thirsty. You may want to eat a light meal that is rich in protein or carbohydrates, drink water or a drink containing electrolytes, or take a short walk to get your blood pumping before starting.

Choose Exercise

Stamina training is a targeted type of exercise meaning you have to choose the right workout for your fitness goals. If you want to increase the time you can sustain an eight-minute mile, it may not be productive to spend all of your stamina training time increasing how much weight you can lift.

Measure Performance While Doing Exercise

To track your stamina progress, you must first identify your baseline. Do the activity until you are tired, and then check with your body: How fast is your heart beating? How long before you have to rest?


After regular exercise, rest all day. Stamina training is a long-term training program. You can’t increase your stamina in one day. You need recovery time to help your body recover from strenuous physical activity.

Increase Difficulty

After your break, increase the difficulty when you are ready to work out again. Stamina training goes hand in hand with the principle of progressive overload, or the practice of increasing the difficulty of the exercise over time. If you do weight training, it may mean gaining weight; if you run, it probably means increasing your speed. Those are just a few ways to build stamina for your body.

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