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Simple Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

good sleep

By Novita Nadila Putri

Simple Ways to Improve Sleep Quality – Many doctors emphasize regular and adequate sleep as a way to minimize migraine attacks. We’re still learning about how sleep can affect migraines. Lack of sleep can exacerbate various health problems including stress, migraine triggers. Here’s how to improve sleep quality you and manage your migraine attacks.

Don’t Obsess on Maintaining a Perfect Sleep Schedule

Do your best to maintain consistent bedtime and wake times to maintain your body’s natural rhythm, but know that occasional lapses are normal and to be expected. Focus on winning: You wake up at 7am on the weekends to enjoy the sunrise.

Find an Exercise Routine You Love

Treat yourself to some new workout clothes, as this is another really good reason to sweat. Not only has exercise been shown to potentially reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in part by releasing a burst of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers can help you fall asleep faster.

Set Your Alarm During Nap

Many people feel better after a nap when they have a migraine. If you find naps useful, try to keep them to an hour or less so you don’t disturb your sleep too much at night. Another general rule to keep in your back pocket: Stop napping after 3pm.

Don’t assume that more sleep is a good thing

While the idea of ​​going to bed on Sundays may sound perfect especially if a migraine attack makes you feel very tired, it’s actually best to limit your sleep to nine hours. Oversleeping can be detrimental to health for anyone, including those who suffer from migraines.

Consider the Caffeine Factor

For migraine sufferers, these tips for better sleep aren’t as simple as “avoiding caffeine,” as many people rely on caffeine to provide relief during migraine attacks. While we have so many good migraine-specific medications, many people find small amounts of caffeinated beverages to help with their migraines, in addition to their medications. That’s the way to improve sleep quality You.

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