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Spiderman and the Secret to the Power of the Cobwebs | Stronger Than STEEL

spider web scientific side
Spiderman spider web power facts

Now in this discussion, I want to talk about spiderman and interesting facts about the ability of spider webs, how can such a thin object be able to withstand a much larger load, yes, the name is also a superhero film, that’s fine, if it doesn’t look super it’s not a superhero. .

If that’s the answer, let’s sit down for a moment, prepare a warm drink, let’s discuss the scientific side of this film a little.

In the Spiderman film directed by Sam Raimi, we don’t mention too much about his spider web abilities, which we know is part of Peter Parker’s mutation who was bitten by a deadly spider.

The mutated Peter Parker was able to expel spider webs through his wrists, meaning that the webs were produced in Peter’s body naturally.

In Andrew Garfield’s version of Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker was bitten by an experimental spider and then he also mutated, but the difference is that the mutation that Peter Parker got was only an increase in physical abilities.

spiderman andrew
Spiderman Designing webshooter

For his spider webs, Peter parker designed his own special equipment known as a webshooter, this is only a mechanism to shoot the web out not to produce the spider web.

The web he obtained by sneaking into the Oscorp company, took secretly to the room where the spiders were bred.

New in Tom Hollan’s version of Spiderman, there is a scene where Peterparker mixes materials that can produce spider webs.

spiderman web experiment
Spiderman Tom web experiment

With this web Spiderman is able to swing from one building to another, hold elevators, stop trains, bind his enemies, unite ships that are torn in half, and so on. ” Yes, the name is also a movie “, but the fact is it’s not just fiction.

According to Prof. Jim Kakalios who wrote a book entitled “The Physics Of Superheros, spider webs are very strong, even tens of times the strength of steel, which makes them look fragile because they are 40 times thinner than a human hair.

But when compared to steel, of the same size, the spider web is much stronger.

If we spun a spider web to a size of only 2-3 millimeters, this web is able to hold about 450-600 kg, or 1 bear hanging from it, especially for a spiderman whose body is less than 70 kg.

The secret to the strength of spider webs lies in their structure, because they contain very hard nanocrystals and elastic polymers, both of which make spider webs very flexible and very strong.

In this scene, Peter Parker is experimenting with making his spider web, he mixes several ingredients until they come together and react to form a gel.

But in the next scene, according to Prof. Jim Kakalios, Peter not only tried to make spider webs, he continued his experiments by coiling carbon atoms to form coils of carbon called carbon nanotubes.

If Jim’s right, then this is the strongest material ever made, this material can be hundreds of times stronger than steel that can withstand loads of more than 40 thousand pounds or 20 thousand kilos.

spiderman home coming
Spiderman Tom

That way, the scene where Spiderman holds the ship apart with his net makes more sense.

Another fact, it turns out that this material has been tested in the real world, scientists at the University of Cincinnati have tested and developed carbon nanotubes by forming them into strands of thread.

But this thread is not to imitate the spiderman hanging scene, they made it for the purposes of experimenting with bulletproof suits.

So with the ability and power of spider-webs that spiderman has, he can do many things. ” Yes his name is also a superhero”, ” Mary Jane Kiss Me “.

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