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Story of Hero Valentina Mobile Legends | The Gusion Family's Beautiful Witch

full story hero valentina
Full Story of Hero Valentina MLBB

Mobile Legends lately seems to be releasing a lot of new heroes, some time ago before this post was written, Moonton had released several heroes such as Aulus, Natan, a role assassin mage named Aamon.

Not long after, Valentina with role magic was introduced and released on the advance server, for the continuation, it was predictable, namely the release on the public server.

Of course, friends who come here want to know more about the story and origin of this hero, starting from the background, abilities and so on. Let’s see

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Valentina, is a daughter who has a family relationship with the hero Gusion who is known to be part of the Paxley family.

As a beautiful witch as well as a princess, Valentina also has a life and love story that is quite interesting to discuss.

And the story begins with the war that took place between the allies and Paxley’s troops against the dark force troops which were dominated by a group of fully armed orcs.

Paxley’s troops who fought were led directly by Valentina Paxley and her husband, Irlan.

During the battle, as a leader, Irlan always fought at the forefront to fight the dark force, while Valentina was always loyal behind her husband, providing support by using ranged attack abilities.

the two of them are not only compact in terms of fighting, their fighting ability is also above average.

To the point where it turns out that the number of dark force troops is more than theirs, Valentina and Irlan also feel overwhelmed in the fight, to the point that Valentina doesn’t realize that an arrow is pointing and hitting her shoulder.

Of course that prevented him from attacking the orcs that approached to attack him. However, Irlan, who knew Valentina was in a corner, immediately came closer and then repulsed the orcs.

At the same time, Paxley’s troops are now under pressure, but they don’t just give up, Valentina then orders other Paxley wizards to activate the Soul Casket spell which is a high-level magic, can devour all the souls in it.

When the spell was almost finished chanting, the other magicians deliberately didn’t tell Valentina and Irlan’s troops, so that when the magic was activated, the energy formed a dome that closed all dark force troops and allies of the Paxley family.

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Valentina and Irlan who knew about this, then ran to the edge of the dome intending to save themselves, but unfortunately, they had to be trapped there because there was a chasm that stretched out in front of them.

Because there was no other choice, Irlan decided to throw Valentina out to the mainland across the abyss, and sacrificed herself trapped in the energy soul casket vault.

Although victory was in Paxley’s hands, feeling sad and devastated when he saw his husband’s soul being devoured by the dark energy of the soul casket made him think of taking revenge for what the magicians and Paxley’s family had done to their husband and troops.

At the end of the story, Valentina also tries hard to learn the information in the Land Of Dawn and the ability of the Heart Of Anima the last Twilight orb, which is able to revive the souls of the dead. However, it will take hundreds of years for the Heart of Anima to appear, which means he may not be able to see it due to age.

At one time, she got a whisper from the demon Kalon who offered her eternal life and the resurrection of her husband on certain conditions, without thinking Valentina immediately agreed to the deal.

Instantly Valentina’s palms oozed blood which then the drops of blood turned into energy, spinning around Valentina’s body parts.

From here, Hero Valentina’s adventure begins.

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What’s the story, interesting?, at first many said that this one hero mage was Aamon’s lover, yes, after Irlan’s death, it’s possible, because after all Valentina will move to the Land of Dawn while waiting for Irlan’s resurrection to be very husband.

It’s still gray indeed, because there has been no further confirmation from Moonton.

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