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Stronger Than Avenger, This is the Strength and Ability of SERSI The Eternals

get to know the eternals series
The Eternals Series

The MCU has now entered phase 4, there is no more Ironman with his armor, no more Hulk with his green body, nor the actions of the Avengers when fighting against their enemies.

There are fans who have moved on from the previous phase, and are very enthusiastic about welcoming phase 4, there are also those who are confused and find it difficult to move on, because what will come will feel foreign.

Everything looks brand new, featuring Marvel’s new superhero character Eternals. This is no longer the level of the superhero Avenger. In this 4th phase, the introduced Etenals have abilities like the gods who came down to earth to save human life.

You can imagine how great the power of the Eternals, the Avengers we know are nothing compared to these Eternals.

Of the 10 members of Eternals, this time the character of Sersi is quite interesting to discuss, not only his abilities, but also briefly getting to know this beautiful superhero character, from history to the strength he has.

Sersi is a member of the Eternals, as we know, that these Eternals are one of the experimental races of the Celestials, having the ability to control cosmic energy.

Sersi is seen often mingling with humans, he has gone through various historical events, and some of them have been involved in the intervention of a Sersi.

eternals serial cast
Gemma Chan (The Eternals series)

When the 4th celestial came to visit Earth, and the deviants attacked New York City, the other Eternals went away from that place, including Sersi who instead went to defend the city from the deviants’ attacks.

Who would have thought that apart from being an Eternals, he had also joined the Avengers group to defeat enemies who threatened peace on earth.

But unfortunately, it turns out that Sersi’s membership as an Avenger is fairly short.

In its Live Action version, the premiere film Eternals was released on November 5, 2022. Sersi’s character is played by a beautiful actress Gemma Chan.

At the end of the film, the audience is shown the power of Sersi who is able to kill a celestial.

How strong is Sersi’s character to be able to do this,

Surely there are friends who are curious, the power and abilities that this Marvel superhero has. So, here are the abilities and strengths of a Sersi:


Some of you must be familiar with this term, the ability to read other people’s minds, communicate remotely, then with this ability, Sersi can influence someone, giving orders like hypnosis.

2. Regenerative Healing Factor

If translated, it can mean the ability to heal both oneself and others by using molecular control. He once healed his own hand which had been destroyed by a deviant.

3. Teleport

Sersi can move from place to place quickly by utilizing her teleportation ability, not only teleporting herself, but she can also do this to other people.

4. Object Transmutation

This is what’s interesting, almost all owners of cosmic energy are able to do this, they can change the shape of any object as they wish.

5. Illusion

Sersi’s ability on this one he can use to influence the five senses of the person he is aiming for. To the extent that the target cannot distinguish which is real and which is subtle, the reason is that not only one of the five senses is affected by the illusion, but the 5 senses.

6. Almost Eternal

Why almost?, All eternals have this ability, they can control the molecules in their bodies, they are immune to almost all weak energies of cosmic energy.

7. Super Strength

He can lift and hit his opponent equivalent to a 20 tonne press. He can also increase the power of his punches through his levitation and telekinetic abilities. Imagine being hit in the face with a load of 20 tons, it hurts.

8. Telekinesis

Mental ability to move an object or other objects,

9. Cosmic Energy Projection

The power of this one produces a burst of shockwaves, it can go through his hands as well as his eyes.

10. Image Projection

As the name suggests image projection, he is able to send messages in the form of visuals in his mind to others, then visualized in the same form. That’s cool, just like you and him who are sending photos on Android.

11. Fly

This one seems to be too mainstream.

This Sersi is one of the members of the Eternals who has many special abilities, because of that ability he can communicate directly with the Celestials.

The series is one of the Popular Eternals characters because of the uniqueness he has. 10 Interesting Facts about Sersi Eternals, Former Avenger Member?

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