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Teeth whitening tutorial in Picsart Photo Editor app | Beginner 1 Minute Finish

Yr art tutorial

Who doesn’t want to look perfect while being in front of the camera, even though smartphone manufacturers are competing to provide the best resolution for their cellphone cameras, but for users there are always shortcomings, some think the filter lacks many choices, some say the camera features are not suitable with their skin.

Of course, these complaints bring advantages for photo editor developers, by utilizing this information, efforts to provide cool features will be easier to develop according to the demands of many consumers, one of which is available in the picsart photo editor application. No need to be impatient, various menus are provided to satisfy fans of the photographer world, ranging from a variety of effects, stickers, hair color changers, to what I think is the most eccentric, which is teeth whitening. Sounds ridiculous, but this is what many other users request.

The application process is so simple, you don’t have to bother combining layers or doing a lot of editing activities, just one click, as a result, your teeth that were previously yellow turn red, so they glow like white ads on TV.

Picsart is still the dream of cellphone users, the era of existence has arrived, that’s the right saying to describe today’s times, all ages take their share and their respective portions, don’t think that only friends want to be creative, oldman also needs a new challenge to carve their imprint on the digital canvas, in order to be more confident, the teeth must also be retouched in such a way so that it looks up to date, yes in short, celebgram-style.

If you are a beginner, this tutorial will definitely help you fully, but if you are an expert, you don’t need to be ashamed to read to the end if you forget this method one day. You and I, we each have our own shortcomings in remembering learning, even so, everyone has their own way so that the memory doesn’t just disappear and be forgotten, now this is a tutorial on how to whiten teeth in the Picsart Android application.

How to Whiten Teeth on Photos With Picsart

1. Please come in first to view application

2. Select the plus icon (+) to add a photo

3. Search photos which you will edit, if you have,

Easy way

4. click the “Beauty” menuits position in the Feature row or menu at the bottom,

5 After being in Menu After that, the user will be shown various sub menus such as Automatic, smooth, repair and so on until you find a gear symbol with the description “teeth whitening“, select then adjust

Tips : Can be done automatically and manually; when using auto, the app automatically detects the part of the tooth then whitens the part. While the Manual; settings as desired, as in the image below. The choice of the “eraser” symbol can be used by my friend to eliminate inappropriate applications.

6. Up to this step, I assume the editing process is complete and ready to be displayed. Click the check symbol in the upper right corner.

7. Next save photo the. Done!.

if you still feel confused or fail when following the steps, please repeat, read and understand. For those of you who have succeeded in whitening your teeth, congratulations on repeating the above method.


If previously you thought this was difficult, now it’s definitely the other way around, because in less than 1 minute your photos will change instantly. At first, my friend didn’t feel confident posting photos, thanks to a few steps of editing activity on Picsart, now it can exist any time.

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