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TERROR Perron Family, The True Story Behind The CONJURING | Scary From The Movie

Incidentally lately, I’ve been enjoying horror and mystery stories, plus the lack of Riddles, so it looks flat, and a bit boring, don’t ask the scary thing, the name is also horror, it’s definitely scary.

But mostly watching horror can also make you drunk jumpscare for a long time. The story is still exploring James Wan, when the film The Conjuring premiered in 2013, Wan’s work attracted a lot of attention from horror story lovers, even many film critics gave appreciation for what was told in the film and the depiction of horror. A family located in Rhode Island is haunted by an evil spirit.

Even though the film has been shown several years ago, it feels like something is still missing, so if you think “why are you talking about expired films”, wait a minute, this is not a review of the film, brothers and sisters.

At first, the audience had the assumption that this film was just a mediocre horror story, which was then spiced up too much by James Wan. However, this thought does not seem right.

The Conjuring is actually a true story from the experiences of Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, which is far more sinister than what Wan describes when explored more deeply.

In 2006 Lorraine’s husband Ed Warren died, so in making the film based on the experience from Lorraine’s perspective. Lorraine herself asked James Wan not to make a script that was too dramatic, and with Lorraine’s permission, this was done to protect and honor the name of her late husband who had died, which means the scene in the film is similar to what actually happened.

For those of you who don’t know who Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren are?

Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren are verified paranormal investigators, Ed himself is an expert in Demonology, the study of demons, while Lorraine has the advantage of being able to interact and communicate with invisible creatures. both have handled many cases related to paranormal activities.

In 1952, Ed and Lorraine founded an association called the New England Society for Psychic Research, which became New England’s first ghost hunter.

Their popularity is increasing and is increasingly being seen as a paranormal group when handling the case of a haunted house that is quite shocking to the world, namely Amityvile.

Because we are no longer discussing Amityvile, so skip, what is the true story behind The Conjuring movie, please forget the scenes in the film for a moment, we will discuss and focus on the real story.

The Perron Family Horror Story

It all started with the move of a husband and wife with 5 daughters to a new house, they are the Perron family, consisting of Roger Perron a father figure, Carolyn Perron is his wife, and their 5 daughters, this happened in May 1971.

The family’s new home is located in Harrisville, Rhode Island which was the former farmhouse of the previous owner.

Not so long since they moved into the house, the Perron family began to feel that something was wrong in their new home, some strange things had happened to them.

They always talk about strange events to their mother, such as things moving suddenly, strange sounds in the kitchen at night, and several other strange events.

Carolyn had actually realized this strange thing, but as a parent, of course she had to be calm so there would be no panic.

It didn’t stop there, in the following days he always got reports from his children who said that they often saw the appearance of a black figure in the corridor of the house when they woke up from a night’s sleep.

Not only in one place, in another part of the house, several of his children have seen various apparitions of scary figures, and one of his children once said that there was an evil spirit in their house.

Wait, by the way, this post was written at 3 in the morning, and it’s already 3:50 in the morning, why do you have goosebumps, go on…

After hearing her son’s report about the existence of an evil entity there, Carolyn began to find out about the origin of their house, and in the end got information “that the house they live in now has a dark event where it has been occupied for generations by 8 generations of the same family” .

Various events have occurred, such as murder, drowning girls, hanging himself and several other dark events.

At one time, Andrea is one of the children of the Perron family telling a story from which he knows “that one evil character named Bathsheba really hates Carolyn”, Andrea also says that this figure is the spirit of the previous generation’s owner.

At first Carolyn did not believe her son’s words, she tried to think positively.

However, Carolyn did not remain silent, because it was related to the frequent occurrence of mysterious things, she also then investigated the name, and sure enough, the name of the woman called the Andrea’s full name was Bathsheba Sherman.

Bathsheba was the previous owner of the house and lived in the house in the 1800’s, other information obtained that she had committed a criminal case which was one of the causes of the death of her neighbor’s child, but luckily she was able to escape the law, and there is also another rumor circulating that he is a follower of a deviant sect.

Knowing this information, of course Carolyn began to feel afraid of what her family had been going through.

During 10 years living in the house, during that time the Perron family experienced mystical things. Imagine being haunted for 10 years, salute to Perron’s family who are still able to survive, if I just looked at it once, I might not want to come back.

Because they could not stand the mystical events that had befallen their family for years, they finally decided to carry out an exorcism by asking Ed and Lorrain Warren to communicate with the guardian figure of their house.

In his son Andrea’s confession, there is not only one guardian figure in their house, because on several occasions, Andrea himself has smelled a strong stench, and he himself is aware that it is the presence of another resident because it is always followed by disturbances such as moving objects until they are crushed. these children sleep lifted by itself.

Not only that, Roger the father often smells fishy or rancid when in the basement to check the heating of their house, to the point that Roger himself strictly forbids his children to go down there for fear of something unwanted happening.

Andrea’s confession was when Ed and Lorraine investigated the case. Actually, the two of them did not have permission to expel the figure in the Perron family’s house, because the guardian entity of the house is already practically not a ghost” but on top of that, in this sense it is not their level.

When Lorraine’s first communication process was carried out (the process/ritual of summoning and communicating with spirits), strange events occurred along with the ritual, until Carolyn was possessed by the figure of Bathsheba,

The possessed Carolyn began to speak in another language, I don’t know what language it was, her voice was no longer Carolyn’s, but the voice of the entity that possessed her.

The atmosphere at Perron’s house at that time was really tense and chaotic, Carolyn’s chair suddenly lifted and flopped itself into another room. But finally Carolyn returned to normal consciousness as before.

For some reason after the incident, Roger, Carolyn’s husband, became arrogant, kicked Ed and Lorraine from his house, he argued that his wife’s possession was caused by Ed and Lorrine.

And that incident put an end to all the disturbances in the Perrons’ home.

In 2022, the house was bought and occupied by new residents, a husband and wife also, Cory and Jennifer. Even though the horrific events experienced by the Perron family have been decades ago, it is reported that this couple is still experiencing some mystical and strange things, but only at certain times, not every day.

There is a documentary video entitled “The REAL Conjuring House & Bathsheba’s Grave-Separating Fact From Fiction”, he interviewed Andrea who is now an elderly person to narrate the horror experience, as well as explore the point and position of the actual incident in the Perron family’s former home.

Andrea in 2022 when interviewed

In the interview Andrea admitted “he peeked at the time of the seances by Ed and Lorraine, he even saw his mother Carolyn floating on a chair, not only the chair floated, the table in front of them floated, then flipped over, Andrea witnessed clearly when her mother’s head hit the floor after the chair and table stopped floating.”

This is the room in the Perron family’s original house, right in this room the ritual summoning and possession of Carolyn’s mother took place and from this position Andrea peeked. In the Hollywood version, Carolyn’s possession takes place in the basement of the house, but in the real version, this is her room.

In this room, as a child, Andrea and one of his brothers named Christine often saw a large black figure, the figure standing right in the right corner of this room, with blood on his body, which they once called Mr. Kenyon. They both complained to their mother, but the mother did not believe it, because there was no one there.

Cindy, Andrea’s brother, had seen the figure sitting on the dining table chair, when Cindy asked Carolyn about the figure, Carolyn was immediately surprised and held her chest, because another child had asked the same question.

This room and next to it is the Perron family’s children’s room, this room is located on the 2nd floor.

To get out of this room, Perron’s son had to go through that door, into the other sibling’s room, and there was an exit there, right in the hallway there were stairs that led directly to the room where Ed and Lorraine’s ritual took place.

The condition of the Perron Family’s house in 1971 before it was renovated and changed to a blackish brown color

The first photo was documented when Ed and Lorraine were at the house for the investigation. While the second and third photos in the same year when they moved.

The appearance of the Perron family’s house now, has been repainted to a blackish brown color

This place is often used as a horror tourist destination, people from various places are allowed to explore every corner of the house.

The current state of the Perron Family House Basement is 2022

This base consists of hallways and rooms that are insulated by bulkheads, the width is approximately the size of a volleyball court, there is heating, and pipes above it. In the video documentation, there is one hole deep enough for an adult human body. Whether it’s a well or what is not explained.

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