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Tesla Bot Technology Displaces Humans, Really?

Robot made by Elon Musk

Tesla Bot Technology Displaces Humans, Really? – Still discussing the latest news, namely the launch of the Tesla Bot that Tesla Inc will do. This launch will take place in 2022.

Many people’s opinions say that the technology used in Tesla Bot will shift humans. Is that statement true?

Some people also say that this innovation is an extraordinary innovation. To be clear, the following is a discussion of Tesla Bot technology.

Tesla Bot at a Glance

In 2022, the name Tesla Bot has become a name that is quite viral in the community. What exactly is Tesla Bot Technology?

Tesla Bot is an AI robot that will launch in 2022. If robots in general, you are used to hearing.

It’s different with Tesla Bot. This robot has a shape and weight like a human. Even the design of the posture resembles the ideal human form. That is to have hands and feet like us.

They will build a Tesla Bot with a weight of 123,459 pounds, and a height of 172 cm. The ideal size, right?

Reportedly, this robot will help ease relatively simple human work. Like daily activities.

Many public questions have welcomed the presence of the Tesla Bot.

As a market that will enjoy the sophistication of Tesla Bot technology. People also ask whether the technology is dangerous? And whether this technology will replace humans in the future?

The review is in the next sub discussion. Before that, did you know who the maker or designer of the Tesla Bot prototype was?

Elon Musk the Designer of Humanoid Robots

Elon Musk is the founder, architect and CEO of Tesla Inc. With his capable abilities, he managed to make an electric car that we know as Tesla.

Elon Musk through his product, the Electric Car, has succeeded in creating a vehicle that is very friendly to the environment. This means that this vehicle will not make air pollution worse because of pollutant substances.

In addition, Elon Musk along with his team granted permission to use patents on electric cars for everyone. In order to accelerate the production of electric cars that will have a good impact on the environment.

You can imagine how the technology that Elon Musk uses on the Tesla Bot with its extraordinary track record. Even Elon Musk also acts as a production architect.

This time, Elon Musk will make a Tesla Bot or humanoid robot that will help humans in carrying out their daily activities. What kind of technology does Elon Musk apply?

Technology on Tesla Bot

AI Technology

Next you will find out what technology will be attached to the Tesla Bot. The technology used in Tesla bot is AI technology.

AI technology or Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence is artificial intelligence in the form of computer programs that have been designed in such a way as to resemble human thought patterns.

With AI technology, Tesla Bot will require experience and knowledge. This is useful so that the technology is even smarter.

Tesla Bot experience will get when interacting with humans. This experience will become knowledge in the form of data.

These data AI systems need so that Tesla Bot can think rationally. Before taking action. We also need to know that the AI ​​system will seek its own experience.

So, even without human orders, the AI ​​system will collect data to do a good job. For example, a robot playing a game.

The robot will continue to follow the game many times even if it loses. And from these mistakes, the AI-tech Robot will learn the defeat in order to win the game.

AI technology will make the Tesla Robot act and think rationally like humans. Examples such as problem solving and speech recognition as humans solve problems and recognize sounds.

Autopilot Camera

On the Tesla Bot, an autopilot camera is installed which will later become a signpost. That way the Tesla Bot will recognize and monitor what is in front of it.

Actually this technology is already installed on Tesla Motors products or electric cars. However, this feature still requires the help of human hands to run it.

In the autopilot feature of electric cars, cars can recognize traffic signs and sensors that can reduce the potential for accidents. In addition, there is also a screen that will display a number of information.

Although the main technology installed is AI technology as a support for robots to be similar to humans. However, the public’s concern about the dangers of Tesla Bot or not remains.

Some experts have also stated that AI technology is indeed quite dangerous to civilization. But if this technology is in the right hands it will be a solution innovation.

Other Tesla Bot Technologies

However, you really don’t have to worry. Apart from AI technology or artificial intelligence. Tesla Inc. will also add other technologies that will allow these robots not to act stronger or as powerful as humans.

And even if the Tesla Bot turns to attack because of an error and so on. With this technology, you can still run or you can beat it.

In essence, they did not design this robot arbitrarily. They will also provide other technologies that will prevent this bad thing from happening.

Don’t be influenced by films that show crimes from certain robots, guys. Even the Tesla Bot will definitely undergo trials for more detailed security.

Step by step manufacture or production must be more thorough and follow certain standards. For sure the quality of the product the company will pay close attention to.

Is it true that Tesla Bots Will Displace Humans?

Regarding the question of Tesla Bot technology that will shift the position of humans. That’s not true.

The reason is, the Tesla Bot was designed by Elon Musk to help humans complete an increasingly complex job. Tesla bots will help with a variety of repetitive tasks.

Not only that, they will also design Tesla bots so that they can blend in with the environment or be friendly with humans.

Although later you will mingle with humans, but you don’t have to worry about being able to shift your position as a human.

Robots are still robots that humans create through systems that humans can still control as well.

Without systems and commands, robots may not be able to operate like humans. All depend on the system or commands programmed by the computer.

That’s the goal. So, the company did not create the Tesla Bot to replace or displace humans.

Despite the fact that advances in robotic technology can reduce labor. However, technological advances cannot be avoided.

As much as possible we are actively involved in this change. Make the most of this technological advancement. There are also many positive impacts that of course you can take the opportunity.

Hopefully this article about Tesla bot technology helps answer some of your questions about Tesla Bot.

Quest post by : Arif Norwahidin

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