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Tesla Electric Car |Has Super Advanced Technology Components| What are the advantages?

Tesla electric car
Tesla electric car advantages

By Arif Norwahidin

For now, Tesla’s electric car technology is the talk of almost everyone. This is because they will no longer use radar electric car technology since 2022.

So, to replace this technology, Tesla then used a forward facing radar system.

This Tesla electric car has given confidence in the vision-only autopilot system. Which will be used to support Autopilot work.

In addition, the autopilot that is relied on by the Tesla electric car will use a neural net processing system and also a camera system.

Interestingly, this one car also develops software. Which makes it even more visible and sophisticated. The software system used is AI-based, so radar is no longer needed.

The camera system itself consists of 8 units. Some are located on the front, side, and rear.

The function of this glass is to monitor the surroundings of the car, and also to read road markings.

Tesla’s electric car technology is very cool and sophisticated. So, there are many advantages.

The latest technology presented by Tesla consists of various components. One of them is the distance that can be achieved with just one battery charge.

For more details, consider the following explanation.

Driverless car technology

Tesla’s first electric car technology is the driver. Which, this one car is a very interesting car, because it can run without a driver.

This sophistication has made it a hot topic of discussion by the automotive industry. Since the first, the concept of a car without a driver or driver has become a hot topic of discussion.

And almost all the automotive industry is trying to develop it. But in fact, not much works.

While Tesla himself managed to make the concept really real, then offered it to the market.

As the CEO of Tesla has stated, in fact, they are very close to the so-called level five autonomous technology.

Then, the founder of electric cars from the United States claimed that Tesla was very optimistic, confident, confident, that the driverless car technology they offered was the most advanced, the coolest, and would attract the attention of the whole world.

Level five autonomous technology itself is the most advanced autonomous stage.

And if we pay attention, the cars that are widely circulated in the market, the cars offered to the wider market are still at level 3 only.

So, with its highly sophisticated electric car, it’s no wonder that Tesla has finally earned the nickname ‘car maker’ with a very high value, and is at the forefront.

With this increase, it will have an impact on increasing the value of the stock, because of their move to create a driverless car earlier.

Updated Software

The next sophistication of Tesla’s electric car is the existence of its constantly updated software.

So far, maybe many think that the software only applies to Android, laptops, or computers, right?

When in fact, the software should exist and become a hallmark of electric cars. As Tesla has done.

Interestingly, Tesla’s electric car technology in the form of this software is always updated, following people’s needs and desires.

So that it can be the best solution to face the times. Software technology in electric cars is a new technology.

Tesla did this technology update a year ago. The software they present continues to improve in quality.

This is for safety, comfort, and also the experience when driving. Tesla’s software includes backups, camera improvements, Cabin camera, new language support, walkaway door lock improvements, and dashcam viewer improvements.

Tesla electric car battery

Tesla’s electric car technology that we will discuss is the battery. Where, this one electric car comes with extraordinary battery technology.

They produce batteries for their own electric cars.

So, because it produces its own battery, it makes the production cost cheaper, which ultimately has an impact on the selling price which is also rather cheap.

So it is still very competitive with other electric cars. Or even still competitive with cars that use other gasoline.

The battery technology that Tesla uses has been conveyed at their regular annual event. Which at that time was carried out in Alto.

When announcing and informing the battery, they buy the event header with Battery Day.

The battery technology used by Tesla’s electric cars is new technology, the latest breakthrough, with a tab release, right at the part that connects the battery cells to the one they are powered by.

This then makes the battery capacity higher. In fact, up to 6 times much more powerful.

Which has an impact on increasing mileage by 16 percent. The battery cells that are created are larger. That is 46 mm x 80 mm.

Musk’s party said that their battery is almost finished.

Initially the battery used by Tesla was a battery from Panasonic, the factory in Nevada, USA. The name of the factory is Gigafactory.

But unfortunately, the battery supply at the Gigafactory was suddenly limited, because they were short of cells.

From there, Tesla was determined to become their own manufacturer. Because relying on batteries from other parties will make the production process take longer and take a lot of time.

Sometimes even to the point of making the delivery not according to the schedule it should be.

Intelligent Tesla AI

Tesla’s next electric car technology is intelligent AI.

So, in addition to being called a cool car, this car also often gets new nicknames as a sophisticated car with extraordinary technology.

This is certainly not something that is too common considering that the creator himself is a great pioneer in the techno field.

Besides having equipped the car with its autopoint, this car also has a sensor that will read a radius of up to 100 m, can read anything around, use navigation, and so on.

With some of these technologies, making this car comes with various advantages. One of them is in terms of battery.

In the previous explanation we discussed, that Tesla produces its own batteries. So it can make it longer than others.

Well, as you know, that the name of an electric car, of course, requires electricity to live.

Which, when it runs out of electricity, it will die instantly. And for now, you haven’t been able to find an electric charging station for electric cars, have you?

So, it will be safer if you buy a car with a large and long-lasting battery capacity. One of them is offered by Tesla.

The battery that Tesla offers can last up to 1.6 million km.

And when charging the battery, its use does not take too long.

Because with only one charge, it can be used to travel as far as 827 km.

That’s fine. This is certainly different from cars in general, which can only cover a distance of 250 km to 450 km.

So it’s really worth it to use. Good for long or near trips.

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