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The Case of Roblox in Cybermob Leader Terror | Roblox Sues USD 1.65 Million

Roblox sues youtuber
Roblox sues youtuber

Roblox has become one of the most popular video game platforms in the eyes of online game lovers around the world, every day there are millions and even tens of millions of players playing games on this platform.

But behind its popularity, Roblox developers continue to improve their services, especially in terms of security to increase public trust in this platform.

Along with this, there is one case that is enough to make the developer angry due to the actions of one of the content creators who spread terror on the platform.

Roblox Corporation has sued controversial Roblox content creator Benjamin Robert Simon, better known online as Ruben Sim, for leading a “cybermob” they say terrorizes the Roblox platform and its developers. Roblox’s attorneys filed a lawsuit -Tuesday- in a California court, alleging that Simon “perpetrated and encouraged unlawful acts designed to injure Roblox and its users.”

Roblox sued and asked for compensation of USD 1.65 million.

Simon has a long history with the Roblox platform, where he has been banned for several years. He continues to access the platform, no matter how, be it by “hacking” and using accounts created by other people. He was banned, initially, for harassing users and using racist and homophobic insults, as well as for sexually harassing and posting photos of Adolf Hitler, Roblox’s lawyers said. Some of this content is uploaded to his YouTube and Patreon channels, where he makes money off of them, they say.

But recently, Roblox’s lawyers said Simon posted a “terror threat” that temporarily closed the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco in October. According to the lawsuit, Simon and his “cybermob” followers discussed the issue of the YouTube headquarters shooting from May 2022, where Simon reportedly said “wait until [seseorang] did it to Roblox.” During the event, Simon reportedly posted messages on Twitter indicating that San Francisco police were “looking for high-profile Islamic extremists” at RDC 2022. He and others continued to post fake threats like this – including one that reportedly said ” Don’t come to RDC tomorrow” — said the lawyer.

The event was postponed and “forced into a temporary lockdown. while local police and private security are conducting searches to secure the facility,” the lawsuit says. Roblox said it cost $50,000 to investigate and secure RDC after the incident. Simon has deleted many of his tweets.

Also outlined in the lawsuit is Simon’s “targeted harassment” of Roblox users and employees in-game and on social media.

Roblox sued him for fraud and breach of contract, among 4 other charges. Neither Simon nor Roblox replied to Polygon’s requests for comment.

Roblox provides most of the games that are platforms for children, estimated to be worth $45 billion. More than just a game, Roblox is a platform that lets people build games and worlds: There are thousands of games on the platform and storefront, the New York Times reports, with an average of 32.6 million people logging in every day in 2022.

People often talk about Roblox because it’s reported that a lot of money is being made from it — young developers are making millions a year. The platform itself and the games on it are free, but players can use Robux, a virtual currency tied to real money, for in-game items. Roblox games vary widely; there is a first-person shooter and a remake of Squid Game in addition to the roleplaying server.

The company has been criticized for reportedly exploiting young developers; People Make Games’ investigation in August detailed children’s experiences developing on the platform. It’s also a place that attracts scammers and fascists, even as Roblox ramps up its moderation efforts.

In this case, Roblox is not only trying hard to protect its employees, they are also trying to continue to protect the privacy of the players who access the platform.

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