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The Easiest Way to Change the Color of Shirts and Pants on Picsart Android | Immediately Can

How to use the editor app
Picsart tutorial

Taking pictures using a camera is not a foreign thing in the eyes of many people, art in photographers is something that is usually done by anyone, but it will all taste bland like vegetables without salt, less interesting if it is not edited in the editor’s kitchen. Have you ever had a time when you took a photo with a blue and red background, you had to go to a photo studio, enter a photo shoot, then pay the cost of the photo, if so, we were the same age. In the past, apps for editing were not as familiar as they are now, technological advances have brought us all to enjoy the art of taking photos available on Android phones, one of which is the picsart application.

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This explanation will be presented as short and concise as possible. Picsart is one of the popular applications for those who like to edit photos, being creative here is like playing in the yard, you can do many things related to making creativity on a virtual canvas. As if they didn’t want to miss an update, young people flocked to download this application, hoping to create beautiful homemade works.

Not only used to exist on social media, picsart is also often used by business people for a product such as clothing, hijab, pants and so on that have to do with design. In order to make selling products sell well, before carrying out promotions, some of them are willing to spend time in front of the android screen, beautify the appearance of the product by changing colors and making campaigns in the form of interesting writing. In addition, you can also make your teeth whiter as explained in the tutorial: How to Whiten Teeth on Picsart

Regarding changing colors, there is one question that is quite often asked by internet users, especially those who have just tried using Picsart, let’s say beginners, the question is like “How do I change the color of clothes in the Picsart application?”, whoever you are, wherever you are, I think this tutorial is a segment for sharing among beginners, sharing photo editing experiences through the android application.

If you can’t wait to find out how, let’s go straight to the steps below:

Easy Tutorial to Change the Color of Shirts and Pants on Picsart Android Smartphone:

1. Prepare photo If you want to edit, it should be noted that the higher the resolution, the better the results.

2. Save photo file in one of the folders so that it is easy to find during the editing process

3. Open the Picsart app on your android phone, if there is lag and so on, please clear the cache on the application or update to the latest version

4. After entering the Picsart home screen, select the plus icon (+)meaning that the editing process starts immediately

5. Find previously saved and prepared photos

On stages next, we will really get started change clothes color buddy

6. select menu Symbolic effect FXlocated at the bottom

7. You will be presented with several more options including: Magic, pop art, broken, paper and color

8. go to dan click Colorthen search for “color change

9. So this is the final process, the purpose of this tutorial. A circle will appear to select the part to be changed

10. Time to change colors

Tips: Description “Change color” is the base color, “Min and Max colors” are the radius of the base color. Up to this point, are you confused? If so, here’s a brief explanation; to get orange, all you have to do is mix red and yellow, that’s roughly how the three functions work.

11. Donehow are there still errors or not neat and so on

Uneven Color?

If there are still parts that haven’t changed completely, there’s no need to panic, click the brush icon with the caption “restore”, brush on that part. If there are parts that should not be changed, then please select the “erase” or “eraser” icon.

Add Filters To Make It Look Realistic

Filters function to disguise parts that have recently undergone changes, such as lines, textures and lighting. In addition, adding filters makes your photos more cinematic, high artistic value.

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