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The Glitch In The Matrix Phenomenon | Fiction or Reality?

what is glitch in the matrix
Glitch In The Matrix

What is Glitch In The Matrix?

“Last night, while sleeping, my friend had a horror dream, then suddenly woke up with a body that was soaked with sweat, a few minutes later, my friend got out of bed, his intention was to go wash his face, after arriving at the front door of the room, suddenly my friend back up in bed.”

From the example of the short story above Have any of you guys ever experienced it?, For those of you who have watched the movie The Matrix, you know the concept of Glitch In The Matrix, maybe someone relates the story above to Glitch In The Matrix.

This discussion has been stored for quite a long time and I want to discuss it here, because it is quite interesting, especially for my friends who are film theory lovers. To make it more interesting, let’s see;

a little explanation about this concept: Glitch itself is an error or bug contained in a program or application, usually it will be obvious if you are playing a video game, where characters, dialogues or properties in the game malfunction, so they behave strangely not in accordance with the command program that has been set by the developer.

While The Matrix is ​​a film trilogy that tells the story of adventure spiced with the action of a Keanu Reeves who enters the digital world called the Matrix through the mind. I’m sure you’ve seen the film.

In The Matrix, the characters are aware that they are doing this, while:

Glitch In The Matrix itself is a concept and idea where the life we ​​are living now or our reality is unconsciously a simulation of a computer program.

This concept has also been made into a film with the same title, namely “A Glitch In The Matrix” released on 5 May 2022, the plot and scenes in it, all explain this concept.

For your own example, you can just browse on Youtube with these keywords, there must be many videos showing the Glitch In The Matrix phenomenon:

For example, the popular ones are helicopters flying but the propellers don’t rotate, crows are stuck in the air, commercial airplanes seem to be freezing, and so on.

its appearance is not far from the scene in the movie The Matrix, but there are also those who connect it with different realities or parallel worlds. There is also an association with “Time loop” and “Time Freeze”,

Actually, Glitch In The Matrix is ​​often used to explain an event that is difficult or cannot be explained by any knowledge. For example, an airplane suddenly freezes in the air, doesn’t move at all, normally an airplane will always move while in the air, this is done to generate lift up, right? If you stay still, it will fall down.

It’s complicated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see this phenomenon in the future,” billionaire Elon Musk said that assuming any kind of continuous improvement in video games, we’d end up with simulations so vivid they would be indistinguishable from reality.

If you ask whether I believe or not “Glitch In The Matrix”, the answer is “no”, the reason is because there is no evidence that can make me believe in “Glitch In The Matrix”, this is a personal reason.

But it’s also possible that this is “true”, as Christopher Nollan said “some say Science Fiction is weirder than reality, in fact sometimes reality can be weirder than science fiction”.


Film theory is indeed quite interesting to discuss, especially for those of you who like to delve deeper into the details of each scene, even if a film is so interesting, it can take years of discussion between fans to get carried away by linking it on the internet. real life.

Some are inspired by reality, and some are the result of science fiction. However, it is possible that science fiction can happen in real life, because there are so many discoveries and research that originated from science fiction.

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