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The Merge Breaks The Most Expensive NFT Record for 2022 | Translucent 1 Trillion Rupiah

By observing trends on google every day, today is not like the usual day, this is not something strange, but this is like a surprise that can make all of us unable to think.

Everywhere NFT becomes a byword, be it on social media, news sites and discussion forums. Not because of its new presence, but there is a unique phenomenon that occurs there, some digital products sold reach billions of rupiah and even reach trillions.

The Merge is one of them, and until the end of 2022 it still holds the first position as the most expensive NFT digital work of the year. The Merge was successfully glimpsed and transported by the buyer for a fee of USD 91.8 million or approximately 1.3 trillion rupiah for an exchange rate of 14 thousand rupiah.

Until early 2022, this digital masterpiece still stands firmly in the top position as the most expensive transaction, followed by Everydays: The First 5000 Days in second place.

Quoted from ; The Merge was created by a Pseudonymous digital artist who is known for having created Archillect and roaming the world of digital art and crypto for approximately 20 years.

In the world of NFT, the artist who created The Merge is quite popular, he is also known as PAK. Various kinds of masterpieces have been successfully created over the years, but The Merge has become very iconic because his sweat during his work has paid off with a fantastic profit of USD 91.8 million dollars.

Even though he has existed for many years as a digital artist, the fact is that the true identity of PAK artists has not been exposed at all, he is still a mystery to this day, who knows how long.

There are those who think that The Merge is not only made by one person, but there is a team behind the formation of the most expensive NFT in 2022.

Facts you should know from The Merge; that the sale of USD 91.8 million was not obtained from a single buyer, The Merge was sold with unlimited stock via tokens for USD 575, which every six hours always increased the token price by USD 25. Until its peak, the total toke sales reached USD 91.8 million.

The Merge is a bit different from the digital work Everydays: The First 5000 Days, where “Everydays” is sold through a single token in an auction.

the merge nft
The Merge. photo source: twitter/cru9xe

This is what The Merge looks like, at a glance it looks like a planet, with a combination of black on the background and 3 white round objects.

Those who are new to NFT may find it difficult to accept this fact, but it is what it is.

Even a Tweet, yes you heard right, the Tweet belonging to the twitter boss Jack Dorsey was successfully sold at a price that is no less fantastic at USD 2.9 million.

Selfies and Twitter Tweets Worth Millions of Dollars

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