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THE SECRET Behind the Privileges of TESLA Electric Cars | 3 Advanced Features

Tesla electric car

Lately, Tesla electric cars are on the rise and become a byword everywhere. In fact, the fans are also quite a lot. This is because of the privilege and sophistication of Tesla’s electric car.

In the midst of a lot and intense competition for electric cars, this one car is still the target and dream.

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Curious why? Let’s see the location of the privileges and sophistication of Tesla’s electric car

For some people, looking for an electric car with a long battery life is the most urgent thing.

This is because of the fear that the car will suddenly run out of battery while it is still on the road. Of course, no one wants that.

That’s why, even though you pay close attention to battery life. Especially considering that there are still very few stations that offer electric car battery charging.

If you run out of electricity, you have to automatically push right? Very different from the general gas station.

So, to get an electric car that has a long battery life, you can check the battery life.

For Tesla itself, it is designed with a battery capacity that is very efficient, and also durable.

This electric car battery has been designed to last up to 1.6 million km. Then, with just one charge, that means you’ve filled it up for a mileage of 827 km.

Its speed is 72 km. With the sophistication of the Tesla electric car, it can beat other electric cars. Where, the average electric car can only cover a distance of about 250 km to 450 km.

Meanwhile, what Tesla has to offer is twice the usual electric car. Interesting? So, this vehicle is still very worth it for you to use anywhere. Because the speed is qualified.

The second sophistication of Tesla’s electric car is its software which is always updated. So, this software is the same as software on a cellphone, computer, or laptop.

Well, the software on this electric car will always be updated regularly. Well maybe, there are still many who are unfamiliar with ‘software on electric cars, right?’.

In fact, sophisticated electric cars must have software that is updated regularly.

This is so that the technology issued can adapt to the times, as well as new technologies.

Let’s take an example. That last July, Tesla had updated their software.

Where, all the updates will continue to improve their quality, user convenience, and your experience when using them.

In fact, this constantly updated software is one of the advantages of this Tesla electric car.

You can compare the software on Tesla electric cars with other electric cars. Which, many other electric cars still use the old software.

The updated software includes backup camera improvements, improved traffic light and stop sign control. tuneIn improvements, Cabin camera, new language support, walkaway door lock improvements, and dashcam viewer improvements.

The next sophistication of Tesla’s electric car is its very intelligent AI. This Tesla electric car is not just a cool car nickname. But also earned the nickname of a sophisticated car.

In fact, Tesla is one of the pioneers in making artificial intelligence or AI for electric cars.

This is because indeed, the owner of this car, namely Elon Musk, is one of the great pioneers in the field of technology.

In which, he also built other large companies such as SpaceX, which is a rocket spacecraft that can fly to Mars. Interestingly, this one car is also equipped with self-driving.

Which means, it can move without you having to steer. Cool, right? This concept was actually also owned by Google, but until now it seems that the clarity is still not visible.

While this one car has developed it first. So, how does this cool electric car work? Simply put, there are three ways Tesla cars work.

First, Tesla uses a sensor that can read up to a radius of 100 m. Namely to read any objects around the car.

Second, use the navigation system. Where, this navigation will read the equivalent 2D or 3D mapping.

So you will not get ‘stray’. Finally, this car uses a camera that really helps the car’s sensors to be more accurate.

Thus, you can see, that Tesla’s most powerful electric car is that it can run on its own without anyone driving it.

Even so, your security will still be fine. Because they also provide this car with accurate brakes in case anything suddenly happens.

And the most interesting thing is, you can use the Autopilot feature in early 2022. With this sophistication, everything you want will come true. Well, for the price itself is still relatively standard.

That is priced around 142 million. With this price, you can get various benefits. And the most important thing is to get an extraordinary valuable experience.

  • Why should you buy a Tesla electric car

In the midst of many electric car manufacturers, why even Tesla electric cars?

As if special, apart from the advantages of the Tesla electric car above, there are other advantages that you know. One of them is the brand.

Yes. Because after all, the brand becomes quite important. Because usually, no matter how classy or quality an item is, it will be very difficult to sell if it is not produced by a well-known brand. Is it?

This applies to Tesla’s electric cars. If only it was not offered by a well-known brand, and perfect branding, of course the sales figures would not increase.

Advantages of electric cars
future technology

So, in addition to requiring a quality product, a product also requires appropriate and attractive branding.

Tesla itself has a very good brand by having a popular and eccentric spokesperson.

Namely Elon Musk. In addition, they also have a brand or other brands that are no less successful. Namely Steve Jobs at Apple, Dr. Dre at Beats Electronics, and Bill Gates at Microsoft.

That’s not all. Tesla even gains views, and a very good position in the eyes of the public.

Interestingly, before this electric car was introduced, electric cars had an image as obsolete, unable to last for a long time, wasteful batteries, poor design, and so on.

With the existence of this Tesla electric car, it turns out that it can change the image or public view of electric cars.

This is through impeccable design, and outstanding execution. As the advantages and sophistication of the Tesla electric car above.

Anyway, when driving this car, you will get an unforgettable experience.

So, that’s some of the sophistication of Tesla’s electric car that even though you know. You can use these sophistications as a reference when buying an electric car in the future. I hope this information is helpful.

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